What are mods?

Mods are expansions for agriculture Simulator. They are usually created by pan of the game. Mods are adding newcontent come the video game such as equipments or maps and also they room sometimes also extending the gameplay possibilities.

How have the right to I include mods come the game?

straight in the game: go to the main menu the the game and also click ~ above "Mods". You have the right to browse the categories to uncover your desired content and then download the mod by double-clicking top top it. After ~ it has actually been properly downloaded, you will be motivated to restart the game.

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On home windows PC

Open the Windows traveler und navigate to: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator20XX\mods

On Mac OS

Open the Finder and also navigate to: ~/Library/Containers/com.astragon.farmingsim201X/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator201X/modsIf girlfriend can"t discover it (because it"s concealed by the system), please us the "Go to" command in the finder and also paste the over path right into the text field.

What to do when mods room faulty?

It is feasible that mods space not completely error free and they may have actually a negative impact ~ above the gameplay experience. If friend suspect, the a recently mounted mod is responsible because that the concern you are facing, remove it indigenous the mode folder and shot it again. If you room unsure about which mod may be triggering the concern or friend don"t know if the problem is brought about by mode at all, please call our customer support (contact details below).

Which mods are easily accessible on consoles?

Regrettably, it"s not feasible to sell beta mode on consoles also if castle are easily accessible in ours Modhub.Beta mode are, for example:• no licensed• not optimized• Could cause errors with different modsMoreover, we are not permitted to sell scripted mods on consoles, i beg your pardon could adjust the gaming experience - even when castle are accessible in the "tested" section at ours Modhub.The mods, which are easily accessible on PS4 and Xbox One space accessable with the key menu the the video game in the mode category. As soon as you have actually downloaded the preferred mods, you should activate castle while you begin or fill a saved game.

I would like to produce my very own mods

We offer some advice to acquire started v modding.At first, we recommend to have actually a look at our modding tutorials.If you register yourself on the GIANTS Developer Network , you deserve to download the book "Modding for dummies" as a .pdf record for complimentary in the download section.If girlfriend still have any questions, feel free to join the discussions in ours forum.

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