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Strap yourselves in ladies and also gents, because that this is one long intro.

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In Dark Souls 2, the tools you discover can have a huge variety of damages types.

Damage varieties (and resistances) are crucial to understand if you want to bring the most out of her slashing and also stabbing, since particular enemies room weaker, or resistant, to certain things.

That’s no to say that acquisition a huge stick and bashing the dragon until it flops end isn’t a good strategy. But perhaps you’d have actually an simpler time if the stick was infused v lightning.

So those an infusion?

Infusing your weapon to add or boosts one damage type, while generally lowering the others.

A great rule to follow is just infusing a weapon that already has part innate damage of the element you desire to med it with, rather the results are walk to it is in disappointing.

However, no issue what course you choose, your physical scaling is going come drop to around half.

You’ll also want to have accessibility to the spell-buff (like sunshine Blade) the whatever facet you med with, to more increase your power (I’ll preventive you the math here).

Lastly, there’s not really a “best” infusion because they mostly advantage from various stats. So this rankings are a mix of personal opinion plus general usefulness, so take it v a grain of salt.

9. Mundane


Okay, there might not be a best infusion, however there’s certainly a worst.

Mundane removes any kind of innate scaling, and also in return renders the weapon range with your lowest stat. That way if her lowest stat is something favor that “8 Faith” you never touched, all her mundane weapons scale with that.

It to be cool in the feeling that it permitted the use of unexplained weapons, while having actually a balanced selection of stats.

Sadly, it got nerfed to the allude of being totally useless.

So discard any memories of ladles past, and let’s move on come something better.

8. Enchanted


Arguably the weirdest infusion in the game, the enchanted path greatly reduces any other innate scaling, to add a low intelligence scaling that gives… physical damage?

The one and only use this has is with the Moonlight Greatsword, i m sorry swaps every it’s magical damage to physical while keeping a an excellent Intelligence scaling.

My advice is come forget this infusion also exists.

If you a Wizard trying to find a physics weapon, store on analysis until you get to the raw section!

7. Bleed


Another unexciting infusion.

How go bleed work?

Attacking an foe with a bleed weapon, starts building up a “bleed-bar”.

When that bar it s okay to full, your target is inflicted some damage, has slowed movement and rolls, and also their stamina is lessened for around 10 seconds.

That might sound good. However the monster in this game don’t have a stamina bar (cheating fiends!), therefore the debuff doesn’t impact them.

So bleed ends up being a niche an option for PvP, greatly used to punish adversaries who tortoise behind your shields.

Using a rapid weapon is advised for a quicker bleed build-up.

6. Raw


The raw infusion tanks any innate scaling a weapon can have, in exchange for raw damage.

A very great candidate for any weapon with very little, or no scaling at all.

For my wimpy caster friends or someone the is typically low level, a raw-infused weapon v low needs makes for a great physical damages source.

5. Poison


More often than not pertained to as a better version of bleed, poison build up the same way and then gradually does a an excellent chunk that damage.

It’s really useful against slow moving opponents with large amounts of HP, choose the ogres, to whittle them under slowly yet surely.

Though the best use to apply is more than likely from a distance v arrows or knives, a rapid melee weapon is no a bad selection either.

Just choose the rest, poison infusion lowers physical damage, for this reason don’t use a toxicity weapon together your primary.

Keep it come the next for when the time is right.

4. Fire


This, and also the next three infusions, are mostly going to it is in preferential come everyone based on what develop they’re playing since of the scaling.

But beginning things turn off we’ve obtained fire.

Fire scales v your Intelligence and Faith.

To reach the soft-cap you’ll need a combined total of 60 points, any combination works (e.g. 30/30, 10/50, etc.).

I’m placing the fourth since there space a lot of enemies and also bosses that space fire-resistant (commonly found approximately lava, hint hint).

3. Magic


The go-to infusion because that sorcerers!

Magic, together the surname would have actually it, scales with Intelligence, making it terrific pair for all the other sorceries (since you’d already be getting those levels anyway).

Instead that melee weapons, what you’ll desire to infuse space your staves to additional improve your spellcasting abilities.

2. Dark


As the sinister variation of magic, dark is the ideal choice for hexers.

There are fairly a couple of choices come make once picking i beg your pardon weapon to med (if only someone had made an post on that..), the bulk of lock being really powerful.

A minimum that 30 in faith and intelligence is forced to make any dark-infused weapon with its maximum potential.

Don’t forget an accompanying “Dark” or “Resonant” weapon buff because that big, huge damage.

1. Lightning


Thundering its means to number one, we’ve gained lightning.

Lightning is considered the finest (at least by me) infusion in the game, just since sooo many enemies and bosses space weak come it, and also barely any resistant.

There’s also a huge variety of weapons to choose from. However in many cases, anything with innate lightning damages will turn right into a weapon that mass damage when infused.

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50 belief is what you’ll want to optimal the damage charts, and don’t forget to choose up the “Sunlight blade” miracle along your pious journey.