Sweet desires is the surname of the Exotic Shotgun in The division 2 and we"ve gained the lowdown on exactly how to acquire your hands on it


Division 2 Sweet dreams is the only exotic shotgun in the game and we"ve got the lowdown on how it works, along with how to gain it. It"s one of many department 2 Exotics and is among the best shotguns easily accessible in The division 2, however you require to recognize the exact method of obtaining the in order to include it to your arsenal. Read on because that a finish guide to the department 2 Sweet dreams exotic shotgun.

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The division 2 Sweet dreams Shotgun Exotic stats

Before we get on to exactly how to obtain Sweet desires in The department 2, let"s take it a look at the stats. Obtaining Sweet dreams in civilization Tier 4 means the gun will deal end 130k damage per shot, as lengthy as you"re near enough. It has actually an RPM of 70 and also you have the right to fire eight shells before you have to reload. It also deals +144% melee damage which is simply insane, specifically when you take it a look at the Sweet dreams talents:

Sweet Dreams: Landing a melee attack on an foe after swapping to this weapon sponsor 35% bonus armour and applies the Sandman debuff. Death an enemy with the Sandman debuff reapplies this bonus armour.Sandman: This debuff stays clear of the foe from using armour kits and also from receiving heal from any source.Evasive: While equipped, dodging reloads 1% the your existing weapon"s magazine.

Sweet dreams is certainly a close variety shotgun... No that there"s any kind of other types, really. Blast civilization in the face and punch them to deal insane damage, especially due to the fact that you have the right to prevent them from healing. It"s not good if you choose sitting back with a sniper, but if girlfriend can readjust your play layout to favour Sweet dreams then it can be a really useful weapon.

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How to gain Sweet dreams in The division 2

Much choose Merciless, obtaining Sweet dreams is really a roll of the dice. You don"t require to acquire parts to handmade it; instead, you must kill Outcast bosses and cross her fingers it drops as part of your loot. You can increase your possibilities of receiving Sweet dreams by playing Outcast missions on Hard and also Challenging challenge but ultimately, it"s going to be a role of the dice.

Some good Outcast objectives to farm for Sweet desires include the Roosevelt Island stronghold and also Potomac Event center mission. Operation these both a few times and also kill the named Outcast bosses at the end, climate cross her fingers among them fall Sweet Dreams.

When you"ve got it, why no search for the hunters holding the 12 Division 2 masks?

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