In a world where we are all connected via our phones and social media, it can be more difficult letting a relationship run its course.

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Worse still, sometimes, people get carried away with texting in particular and will often persistently message a person - when that individual does not wish to be contacted by them at all. This can happen with any type of relationship, but it is most common when two people have gone on a date or two.

Here, in this article, we look at how to get a guy to stop texting you or any other person who is sending you message after message when you do not want their attention. This is also a good article to read if you want to know how to stop texting someone.

The reason being is that you may recognize some behavior that will alert you as to whether your messaging a person’s phone is actually unwanted attention from their point of view.


1 What Do You Do When A Guy Won"t Stop Messaging You?

What Do You Do When A Guy Won"t Stop Messaging You?

1. Talk to them directly

So often, we shy away from telling a guy that their attention is no longer wanted. We hope more than we tell that we don’t want to see them anymore. Instead, try to tell them something like ‘I would appreciate it if you would cease messaging me’. Asking a guy or girl we have dated to desist in messaging you is, without doubt, one of the gutsier approaches - but it’s also one of the most effective.

2. Ignore them


If you are being hounded by a guy or girl who you started dating but no longer wish to hear from, try telling them that you are seeing other people. It can be a great way for them to get the message that you are not into them romantically anymore.

8. Seek police help

Of course, if you are really being hounded by a person and it is starting to scare you, you can always seek police help. They can tell you what options you have legally if you no longer wish to receive a text message or anything else from them as it has moved into harassment territory.

9. Appear to change your personality

Changing yourself so that you are no longer attractive to the person constantly texting you is a good option if you have had enough of hearing from them. In doing so, you are taking control of the situation so that they no longer choose to pursue you.


How do you get someone to stop texting you without being rude?

If someone is texting you and it is annoying you, or it is making you feel uncomfortable, a good thing to do is simply to ask them directly, but diplomatically if they could cease messaging you so much - or at all. Remember to keep your tone of voice neutral and say something kind but to the point. 

How do you get someone to stop texting you so much?

To get people to stop texting you all the time can take a lot of diplomacy if you ask them not to text you as much as more. However, you can use other tactics as well to get them to send you fewer messages from their cell phone. Try out one of our suggestions above. If it doesn’t work, try another.

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How do you get someone to stop contacting you?

Getting a person to cease contacting you because you no longer want to be in touch with them can be tricky without asking them directly. If you are finding it invasive, do broach the subject with them on the phone or face to face. After that, try a way mentioned above. 

Is texting a form of harassment?

Constant, unwanted text messages from the same person or cell phone are absolutely a form of harassment. If it makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel like you are anxiety-ridden a lot of the time, you could even seek legal advice from the authorities. 

How do I stop texting someone who doesn"t care?

It is so hard to stop texting people who don"t reciprocate your feelings. However, the longer you continue this bad habit, the longer and harder it will be to break it. Go cold turkey and stop texting that person straight away. Text others each time you feel tempted to send them text messages.