There are countless items under the toy group in Adopt Me. Also though that is a typical rarity, the trade License is a less talked around toy in the game. This non-tradeable and also highly beneficial item is just one of the couple of toys in the Adopt Me people that is earned rather than bought. So, just how do you obtain it?

What is a trade License?

The trade License is an object in Adopt Me that fits in ~ the toy category, even though that is not just used for fun! once you achieve it, the trade License deserve to be offered for commerce purposes. The license allows you to profession both ultra-rare and legendary pets. The also allows the player to watch their trade history, which can be really useful because that players. Friend can likewise use this license to report scammers!

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The patent is really useful for every players of Adopt Me, yet there is quiet a test forced to attain it. This create a great guard versus those that would disrespect the trading process of Adopt Me.

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How to gain a profession License


To acquire the license, football player must an initial navigate to the safety and security Hub. This is the white, two-story building with gold scales top top top; it sits next to the Farm and Potion Shops. As soon as inside, you"ll uncover the area to take it the test at the door the sits at the foot of the stairs.


You deserve to talk come the certified dealer NPC in ~ the door. He"ll offer you a synopsis on the trade License, which may be helpful if you have forgotten something. As soon as you gain through the door, you"ll walk under the hallway and also see an additional agent. He"ll give you a couple of more straightforward pointers and check if girlfriend are all set to take it the test. If you accept, he"ll relocate out the the way. You"ll be given a scenario to watch. After, you decide whether this is a scam or safe to trade.


If friend answer all 3 scenarios correctly, you"ll be lead into an open up courtyard. If friend didn"t pass, don"t worry because you have the right to take the test as plenty of times together you need to. If girlfriend passed, you"ll obtain your license! to walk forward and also hit E to case your profession License.

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