hello an initial off im posting this because i recognize alot of world are interested in the feminized seed so here,s a perform of the various methods the feminizing seed i built up these from various jonathanlewisforcongress.coms about the internet and from what ive check out they seem to it is in legit offer em a try and discover out for yourself enjoy from the destroyer.

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first turn off a simple an approach for useing gibberelic mountain you will require a ppm meter because that this.GIBBERELIC mountain METHOD.------------------------------Gibberellic acid (GA3)This is more than likely the many popular means to produce feminized seed. GA3 deserve to be purchased conveniently in powdered form, a rapid search reveals plenty of sources top top ebay for as small as $15. Simply include to water to with 100ppm concentration and also spray the plant everyday for 10 days during flowering and male flowers will be produced.COLLODIAL silver- METHOD.---------------------------------Colloidal silver- (CS)This is the the very least expensive and most privacy concious way to develop fem seed. CS has acquired a negative name since there is so much bad information spread around around its production and concentrations. That doesn't help that there are those who believe in drinking low concentration colloidal silver- for good health and also there is details mixed in about how to develop that low concentration food class product. Follow the information here and you will consistently create effective CS and also know exactly how to apply it come get continual results.Simply construct a generator using a 9-12v strength supply (DC output, if it claims AC then its no good) the can supply at the very least 250ma (most wall wart kind power gives work, batteries room not recommended because their output varies over time). The supply will have a confident and negative lead, attach silver to every lead (contrary to web rumors, girlfriend aren't drinking this is cheap 925 silver- is an ext than pure enough) you have the right to expose the leads by cliping turn off the round plug in ~ the end and also splitting the wires, one will certainly be positive and also the other an unfavorable just like any old battery. Submerge both leads around 2-3 inchs apart in a glass of distilled water (roughly 8oz). Allow this operation for 8-24hrs (until the fluid reads 12-15ppm) and when girlfriend return the liquid will be a violet or silver- hue and there may be some precipitate ~ above the bottom.This fluid is referred to as colloidal silver. The is nothing an ext or much less than fine corpuscle of silver suspended in water so that is a fully natural solution and is for sure to manage without any special precautions. The silver- inhibits female flowering hormone in cannabis and so the an outcome is that male flower hormone dominates and also male flowers are produced.To use the silver, spray ~ above a plant or branch every 3 days before switching the lamp to 12/12 and continue spraying till you view the an initial male flowers. Repetitive applications after ~ the first flowers show up may result in much more male flowers and therefore more pollen. As the plant matures the will develop pollen that can be collected and offered to pollinate any female flower (including flowers on the very same plant).Step 1... Obtain some 99.9% pure (or better) silver. Coins work-related well.Step 2... Acquire some RO or Distilled water.Step 3... Gain a 9v battery (or any other DC power resource 6-12v)Step 4... Hook that shit up choose in the picture. After about 2 hours w/ a 9v the water will certainly look cloudy, choose in the pics.Step 5... Placed it in a spray bottle.Step 6... Mist whatever branches you desire turned male. Double a day, around a week into your flower cycle.Step 7... Repeat action 6 because that 2 weeks. Stop as soon as you check out the fans leaves obtain a greyish hue.Step 8... Don't talk around Fight Club.ASPRIN for MALES METHOD.--------------------------------I hear many disagreements if civilization should buy feminized seed or not. I recommend buying typical seeds for this reason you have both male and female. Then once they flower, separate the males and also females. DONT kill THE MALES favor YOU generally DO. Climate feed the males v with ASPRIN. Friend know...Bayer or St. Joseph. Feeding them the aspirin similar to you would feed them your nutrients. Because that example, i have actually a 3.5 gallon bubbler bucket, ns feed castle with new nutriets every 3 weeks. Very same thing v the aspirin (after flowering) ns feed castle 1 crushed 80mg tablet every 3 weeks. After ~ the aspirin treatment, the hormone in the males should readjust dramatically. Once both male and also female space ripe, you should start the adjustment process. Heres a trick i picked increase to quickly mate (i forgot the site). Gain a wet brown document bag, and also put it on the masculine branch. Tight the opened of the bag through a rubber band and also shake the branch because that 15 minutes. Conveniently take it come a female branch, tighten the opening and wait for the bag to dry. After that drys, shake the branch because that 30 minutes. The females should be fertilized and wait a couple of days because that the seed to ripen. Plant the seeds and also they have to come increase female in the future. Once i feed the asprin to the males, i play it safe and put in one tablet. You might have better luck putting an ext in (like 1 tablet per gallon). I only tried this once and also i had good success. Have the right to some one try this and also tell me your success? I never tried providing both sexes asprin... ASPRIN for FEMALES METHOD.----------------------------------I've to be feminizing utilizing aspirin because that years.I add uncoated aspirin (two aspirin every gallon, for 3 continuous waterings) to my confirmed fems, at beginning of flowering stage. After a couple of weeks, lock will produce a couple of pollen sacks filled through femmed pollen. Just draw-back is by the time the pollen sacks are ultimately ready to open, it's time to harvest. (but is all set to be painted ~ above next chop of fems)Have never heard that 'feminizing' a male's pollen, however definatelly execute not want to have actually that lot pollen/potential pollen floating approximately my growspace.__________________RODILIZATION method FROM SOMA.----------------------------Creating feminized seeds is an art, there space a few different methods of application. I have written around some of my different methods the making seed in ahead HIGH times articles. I have use gibberellic acid, light stress, ph stress, and also fertilizer stress and anxiety to force my tree to do seeds. Every these methods are harsh on the plants, and some choose the gibbrellic acid, are not organic. In my find for cleaner an ext earth-friendly ways of working v the three plant, i have uncovered a new means to make feminized seeds.Feminized seeds take place as a result of stress, various other than genetics. Every cannabis plants can and will make male flower under stress. Details strains choose a higher PH, some like a lower one. Some choose a the majority of food, some prefer a lot of less. Over there is quite a many of range in marijuana genetics, and you can't act every tree the same way.It takes numerous harvests prior to you really acquire to know a particular strain. Just like getting come know human being friends, it takes time. I have actually grown strains for a decade and also am truly getting to understand every nuance the different plants exhibit. I have the right to recognize them from a distance. I should say the I gain a lot of aid from mine friends, both in make seeds and learning brand-new and much better ways of working through this sacred plant.I named this new method “Rodelization” after a friend who assisted me realize and make use of this method of developing female seeds. After ~ growing crop after chop of the same plant in the exact same conditions, ns noticed that if i flowered the plants 10-14 days much longer than usual, they would build male “bananas”. A male banana is a really slight masculine flower on a mrs marijuana plant the is formed because of stress. Normally they perform not let out any pollen at an early stage enough to do seeds, but they periodically do. They are a developed in safety factor so in instance of sever conditions, the plant deserve to make certain that the types is furthered.To me a masculine banana is fairly a beautiful thing. It has actually the potential the making every female seeds. Many growers out there have male banana phobia. They check out one and also have love palpitations, they desire to reduced down the entire chop or at least take tweezers and also pluck the little yellow emerging gadgets out. I call them “Emergency Devices” since they emerge at times of stress.In the Rodelization method, the masculine banana is an extremely valuable. After growing your female plant 10-14 days longer than usual, cave them as much as dry, then closely take them turn off the drying lines and also inspect because that bananas. Each and every banana have to be removed and placed in a little bag labeled an extremely accurately. These sealed bags can be put in the fridge for one to two months and also still continue to be potent.For the second phase you need to currently have a crop that's already 2 ½ weeks right into flowering. Take her sealed bag that pollen the end of the fridge, and proceed to impregnate your brand-new crop of females. To perform this, friend must first match the mrs plant and also the pollen from the same strain in the vault crop. Shut down all the fans in the prosper room. Then take a an extremely fine paint brush, dip it in the bag that pollen, and paint that on the female flower. Do this come each various strain you have growing together. I have done it through ten different kinds in the same room with good success.I usage the lower flowers to do seeds, leaving the optimal colas seedless for smoking. This method takes time(two crops), however is fully organic and also lets friend have an excellent quality smoke at the exact same time friend make her female seeds. If you're one of those growers that has never grown seed for fear of not having actually something an excellent to smoke, you will certainly love this method.You can also use this pollen come make new female the cross by overcome pollinating. The older females through the bananas have the right to be lugged into the room through the younger, un-pollinated females once they are three weeks into flowering. Turn every one of the circulation fans on high, and also the little bits that pollen will continue to make it about the room. Carry out this for numerous days. 6 to 7 weeks later you will have actually ripe 100% female seeds; not almost as plenty of as a male plant would certainly make, however enough to begin over somewhere else with the same genetics.As a farmer who has been required to move his genetics far away from whereby they started, ns know an extremely well the value of seeds.

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My friend Adam from THSeeds in Amsterdam has a motto that i love to borrow this days: “Drop seeds not bombs”. Soma__________________Peaceok really hopes this helps and informs you men later.