Who doesn’t love to unleash their inner absent star through sliding along the floor on your knees v a plastic etc strapped roughly them? The rock Star series of games enabled us all to live the end that fantasy v a vast sense that immersion.

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By holding the corresponding buttons ~ above the neck of the guitar controller and also “strumming” in ~ the correct time, that feels favor you’re really playing along. There is a massive library that songs along with extr tracks obtainable for download.

But, first of all, you have to know just how to connect Rock Band etc to PS4. 

Using larger Rock tape Guitars

I have some great news for many of you out there. If girlfriend still have all her older rock Band instruments from the PS3 version, they will still work-related on the PS4. Every you need is the PS3 dongle (that little plastic box v a short USB plug).

Finding a Rock tape 3 guitar might be a small more challenging if friend don’t currently own one. There room examples obtainable on the second-hand market, or you might even obtain lucky and also find a brand-new one. If purchasing 2nd hand, the extremely important to make sure the dongle is included as the won’t job-related without it.

Rock band 3 – Wireless guitar Controller


The Rock tape 4 wireless etc controller complies with the same design as Rock tape 3. The is likewise a fully license is granted Fender Stratocaster replica with every the same features along with some additional convenient upgrades.

Besides utilizing Bluetooth and also not requiring a dongle, there is a redesigned tilt sensor do activating overdrive also easier. Also, this is a Rock Band guitar controller compatible through Rock tape VR on the Oculus Rift for the can be fried immersive experience.

Connecting a PS4 rock Band etc controller…

Connecting a Rock band 4 controller to a PS4 involves completing the Bluetooth pairing process via the PS4 settings menu. The is fairly straightforward, and also I have had the step-by-step accuse on exactly how to affix Rock Band guitar to PS4.

Make sure your Rock tape 4 guitar controller has a fresh set of batteries.Turn on your PS4 and wait until the home screen appears.From the residence screen, navigate to settings > tools > Bluetooth Devices.Press and hold the PlayStation switch on the Rock tape 4 etc controller. This is usually located near the D-pad.The PlayStation symbol will start blinking through blue light, indicating that it’s wait to it is in paired.Press and hold the “Sync” button on the Rock band 4 etc controller till the light starts to flash blue and also red. The Sync switch can commonly be discovered where the amp plug would be ~ above the controller.Your Rock band 4 etc controller should appear in the on-screen perform of Bluetooth devices shortly after. Navigate to and select the controller.A setup magician will show up asking, “Do you want to affix the controller?” pick “Yes.”The controller must also be assigned to a profile, or else it will not work. To confirm the controller has actually paired successfully, the light will stay on in a stable color. You can now start to ROCK!

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How to affix Rock Band guitar to PS4 – Conclusion

You now have to be able to connect your Rock Band etc controller successfully to your PS4. No matter if you have actually the previous generation controller or the current one, you are sure to gain playing this game.

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If you’ve never played one of these layout games before, you will do it certainly come to be addicted within a short room of time. Have fun not only listening to good tracks but actually gift a component of the experience.