Has anyone below purchased a auto off craigslist? I'm acquiring a license soon, so I have to start searching for a car. I'm trying to find something nice and cheap, however my dad is heavily versus it and thinks I must go come a dealer. For about $8000 i can acquire a 2004 Honda public at a dealer, while I can get a 2009 Honda public for the exact same price end craigslist. Is craigslist trust able? If ns bought something ns would perform it in a publicly area and have a mechanic examine it out. Btw, my dad would certainly be coming with me come purchase/check out the car.

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TLDR: how is buying car on Craigslist? Tips?


I invested 15 years as a mechanic, and also have done hundreds of used automobile inspections. Bottom line, have actually an independent mechanic look at any vehicle you want to buy, whether it's indigenous a dealer or a exclusive sale. I've watched some shady patch work come the end of used automobile dealerships.

That being said, a most dealerships will extend their own warranty on a vehicle, and also you have actually a far better chance of acquiring a dealership to one of two people drop the price, or perform any kind of repairs found during the inspection. Yet either way, having a knowledgeable mechanic examine out the entire auto is the most an important part that used auto shopping.

I've purchased a automobile off the craigslist before. Additionally purchased two cars turn off of Ebay.

Do her research, have a bit of mechanical knowledge, inspect out the car, and also you will be fine.

Craigslist can be attention in terms of lemons you might end increase buying. However, buying out-of-warranty offered cars at a dealer isn't have to better. Either method you need to have an elevation mechanic evaluation the automobile for you prior to buying.

You likewise have come know just how to examine people and cars to execute alright on Craigslist. It's not a fun process. It's complimentary and easy to list, so any type of knucklehead or schemer have the right to put a auto up ~ above CL. Unequal a dealer, you need to really verify that the human selling the auto is who they to speak they are, and also you should make sure the location is what they say it is (i.e. Not rebuilt/salvage).

I've had great experiences with Craigslist. I don't think there's any benefit to obtaining a no-warranty car from a dealer. Obviously, you require a mechanic in both cases, and also there's always a opportunity for a lemon either method as well.

I have actually bought and also sold many many cars and motorcycles on craigslist. I have actually never had actually an issue. If you gain a funny feeling, friend walk away.

Most sellers, specifically those in that price range, room decent people and also will not take issue with you taking it to a mechanic come look at. The only time I have actually told somebody no when they asked to do that to be on a car I had a the majority of interest on (as in 5 human being lined as much as see it) and the human being didn't ask if they can take it because that 2hrs until they showed up.

It is fine and also you can acquire a great price detailed you understand what you space doing. Perform your best to look because that well cared for 1 owner cars. If girlfriend don't know cars well, have someone that does come v you to look in ~ it. Operation a carfax report and have the auto inspected by an live independence mechanic prior to you purchase the car. Only hand end the cash if you room receiving the title to the car and also make certain the VIN number/owner information on the location matches the VIN ~ above the car and the sellers vehicle drivers license information.

I would additionally recommend a dealership unless you have someone you have the right to trust assist you with a personal seller.

If you do go through a exclusive seller, make certain to acquire the signed title from them. Do it in public, and have a trusted mechanic check it out for you together you currently planned.

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I would certainly play it safe and go through the dealer. Cars will certainly last a lengthy time if friend take treatment of them while they're in an excellent shape. With Craigslist, friend don't know the entire background of the car, conversely, a dealership deserve to certify that's in a an excellent condition.

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