This is going come sound choose an strange question, but...suppose I've got a flat display LCD television, i m sorry belongs come me. Now, ns have situation in which I want to render the TV inoperable, but I don't want to perform something crude like put mine foot through the screen. I want it to show up as if my TV has just malfunctioned. Bonus point out if the condition is reversible, yet the TV price me $100 used, so ns don't really treatment honestly. The story is a tiny complicated, but suffice it come say, this is the easiest way to fix a trouble I've got and I'm ready to take it the $100 hit to avoid any kind of complication.

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So, I've gained a phillips head driver in hand. Tv is unplugged, what would be next? Is there a method I have the right to render the TV inoperable without opened it up, or execute I must go inside and also remove a fuse or reduced wires etc?

Thanks in advance!

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You can disconnect the strength supply ar inside the TV. Through an steel it's quickly reversible, v snips it's a little much more crude but still easy enough to put ago together. What's the story?

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· 6y's a small embarassing. Usually I re-publishing a large house through two various other people. I placed this TV in a downstairs room and I now have a instance where the 2 roommates are forever camped out watching this cursed TV. My study is right beside it whereby I work. I've do the efforts several different approaches, however I'm not obtaining anywhere. It's my TV therefore I could simply take it and put it in mine room, but I'd rather not attend to the resentment and pouting that would follow.

These two roommates room cheap and lazy. I recognize them pretty well. If mine TV \"fails\" there is terrific chance castle will invest a lot less time in the room making noise and having inane conversations when I'm trying come work. Lock will remain up ~ above the 2nd floor (which they have actually the entirety run of) and watch their own TV increase there.

I'm pretty confident the they won't stroked nerves to buy a instead of TV because that the room, due to the fact that like ns said, they are cheap and lazy and will follow the route of the very least resistance.

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So that's mine plan. Covertly disable the TV. Then i go \"oh gee, the tv's broken. That's a bummer.\" and get on v my brand-new nice quiter life ~ above the an initial floor whereby I don't need to hear my dopey roomates twit girlfriend watching pitch PERFECT for the fourth time this week in ~ 11 pm on a weeknight v the volume in ~ 89/100.

So... This strength supply section. Where perform I look? ns assume start with the area where the AC cable connects come the television?