A shooting glass is a go-to glass that holds or measures liquors. In the lack of a shoot glass, what do you usage to measure her drink? Apparently, you deserve to use common household items choose spoons, measuring cup, or even a medicine cup to measure a shot without a shooting glass. In this post, we compiled every possible shot glass alternative to fast-track your cocktail party.

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1. Measuring Spoons

If friend are looking for an accurate machine that have the right to measure her spirit, measuring spoons space the finest alternative. Usually, once you acquisition these spoons, they room already marked with a specific measurement. So, girlfriend don’t need to calculate in your mind what a tablespoon or tespoon would more than likely look like. According to the shot glass counter table, a solitary shot is identical to 3 tablespoons. Nothing as well complicated, right? simply pour in her favorite whiskey or rum ~ above the spoon and also transfer it come the glass. If by any way a tablespoon is no available, its smaller version aka the teaspoon can additionally be provided to measure up a shot. The conversion mirrors that a teaspoon have the right to hold a third of what a tablespoon can. This means, come come up v the size of a solitary shot, that takes around 9 teaspoons.Although that is quite an effort to to water in your spirit 9 times, it is still pretty lot doable. We suggest having quality measuring spoons in your kitchen. The consistent tablespoon or teaspoon us use once eating may not host the exact same amount of liquid compared to those through markings.

2. Measuring Cup


We space not to teach you how to bake, us promise! The an excellent thing about using a measuring cup to measure up a shot is that this baking tool is many likely present in your kitchen. Similar to measuring spoons, this cup is designed to have specific measurements printed on its exterior for basic viewing.Usually, measure up cups have various liquid conversion charts native ml, oz, and also pints among others. This function makes it much easier for you to estimate the lot of liquor necessary to come up with a full shot glass. Although the numbers published are factors of 5 or 10 (e.g. 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml), you have the right to simply estimate a 44 ml (1.5 oz) shoot by putting the liquid roughly 45 ml. Or if the measuring cup has actually an oz conversion, simply look because that the marker that claims “1.5 oz”. Then, you are good to go. 

3. Medicine Cup 

Do you still remind those childhood days wherein you were forced to drink a shooting of Tylenol as soon as sick? We understand how negative the medicine tastes, particularly for kids. But the cup that goes together with the bottle of medicine deserve to be a great alternative because that a shot glass. A medication cup is virtually the size of a 1.5 oz shoot glass. So, if you carry out the math, you can just require to include or diminish a few drops of your liquor to acquire the best measurement. Simply pour in your desired spirit until it get the mark, then transport it come a offer glass. Or if you space feeling a small nostalgic, you have the right to just drink straight from the medicine cup. For sure, no one will speak to you out.

4. Red Solo Cup

Chances are, you don’t have a shoot glass yet you do have actually stacks that red solo cups. If girlfriend think that these party drinking cups are only provided to to fill cola or beer, you are wrong! Bartenders or even normal individuals have actually been making use of these cup to measure their shot. In the lack of a shoot glass, to fill up the cup just right on the very first line close come the bottom of the cup. This walk not specifically equal a solitary shot but it is close enough.

5. Practice free Pour

We recognize it sound a small intimidating to totally free pour when you are not a experienced bartender or mixologist. But all it takes is a good sense the anticipation and instinct to recognize if you already poured specifically 1.5 oz of liquor. Learning exactly how to free pour is a good skill to acquire and also is something you have the right to brag around the following time around.Make sure you have a pour spout and exercise your pouring an abilities with a party of water. As soon as you begin pouring into a glass, count from 1 come 4. Then, measure the lot of liquid you have actually in the glass. If that reaches the 1.5 oz mark then you did well! but if the measurement is a small over the height or less, it way you must practice part more.

6. Water Displacement Method

Remember the Archimedes’ principle? This shoot glass substitute requires an ext effort 보다 those pointed out above. However you will certainly feel a feeling of fulfillment when you come up with your homemade shoot glass.

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What you’ll Need:

Plastic cupsMarkerThree nickels and five quartersWater

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Fill a plastic cup with roughly 2 inch of water. Note the optimal level v a marker.Submerge three nickels and five soldier to the water. These space the typical amount the coins girlfriend will have to displace approximately 1.5 oz that water. With all the coins inside, mark the brand-new high climb of water utilizing a marker. Take out the coins and also water come a different cup. Fill the cup through your wanted liquor till the height line. Then, slowly pour out the liquid until it reaches the very first line you made.Enjoy her shot!


We know how an overwhelming it is to have actually a drinking session there is no a shot glass. But in this day and also age where assorted tools are readily available in ours kitchen, over there is no reason not to proceed a fun-filled night with your friends and family. Share other suggestions girlfriend may have actually in mental on how to measure up a shot there is no a shot glass.

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