Thanksgiving is all about the food, and also with all the cooking and planning, time is every little thing — specifically when it pertains to the turkey. When that turkey is cooked, have actually you ever before thought around how long it have the right to actually sit in ~ room temperature? many families leave their bird sitting out on center stage (or just on the stove) before and also for the duration of the several-hour meal, which isn"t the safest method to eat it. Here’s a look in ~ the indict for maintaining your turkey dinner safe.

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First, you want to make certain you chef your turkey to an internal temperature the 165 degrees F. Once your turkey is cooked, you want to refrigerate the bird at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or eat well within two hrs of removing the bird native the oven. Because that hot, juicy meat, you want your turkey to be prepared 15 come 20 minutes before you start your feast. This will certainly allow about 15 to 20 minutes because that the turkey to rest prior to you part it.

To store turkey, slice the meat right into smaller cuts around two to 3 inches in size, therefore they will cool quickly, and place in a resealable container. Leftovers can be save for about four job or frozen because that up to two months and also should it is in reheated to 165 levels Fahrenheit before serving.

Leaving cooking turkey the end for a couple of hours can be cause for concern. Bacteria grow at temperatures between 41 to 140 levels Fahrenheit, which is exactly where room temperature falls. Bacteria can be presented onto her turkey if it is not cooked properly, by other raw foods items through cross-contamination, or through humans.

According to the Centers for disease Control (CDC), the bacteria Clostridium perfringens grows in cooked foods items that are left in ~ room temperature. It’s the 2nd most usual bacterial cause of foodborne illness. Symptoms such together vomiting and abdominal cramps show up within 6 to 24 hours after eating. Outbreaks the Clostridium perfringens happen most often in November and December. Plenty of of the outbreaks are pertained to holiday foodstuffs like turkey and roast beef.

Food poisoning often tends to result when many practices no followed. When it pertains to your Thanksgiving turkey, mental to execute the following:

Defrost your turkey in the refrigerator in ~ 40 levels Fahrenheit or listed below for number of days prior to you will certainly be prepare it. Defrost the turkey in a big pan to avoid cross-contamination in the fridge. If you select to stuff her turkey, do so lightly and also don’t over fill it. Girlfriend can likewise choose to chef the turkey and also stuffing separately. Chef the turkey properly. Food preparation time of your turkey varies by load — about 10 minutes per pound. Usage a thermometer to measure up the interior temperature of cooking turkey i beg your pardon is 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Measure up the temperature in two locations of the bird.

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and also consultant who specializes in food safety and also culinary nutrition. She is the writer of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen: an ext Than 130 Delicious, healthy and balanced Recipes for Every enjoy the meal of the Day.

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Carving a turkey is a skill, not an art, which method you have the right to learn it. Follow these easy measures for mastering the technique, climate watch the how-to video.