If you’ve talked v friends also a tiny bit about FEH, you’ve more than likely heard around IVs and Assets/Boons and Flaws/Banes. For more recent players, being thrown into a video game with lots of terminology, features, mechanics, and modes to unpack deserve to be overwhelming. Since of that, this overview seeks to break down what IVs space to assist beginners know the useful importance the IVs and existence that (or absence thereof) a “dump stat” afterwards!

Conveniently, there’s a really easy method to inspect IVs in-game.

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at the bottom of the screen, madness “Misc.” -> “Settings,” climate scroll down till you view “Asset/Flaw shade Display.” The stat that rises by 3 is the unit’s Asset, if the stat that decreases by 3 is the unit’s Flaw. Turn that setting on, and also you’ll have the ability to see your unit’s Asset and Flaw in ~ a glance; Blue is the Asset, Red is the Flaw.


If your unit doesn’t have an heritage or a Flaw, then that means they have neutral IVs, meaning their stats in ~ Level 40 will enhance their neutral Level 40 stats. Altina was temporarily distributed as a cost-free unit, and cost-free units nearly always have actually neutral IVs.


If her unit has an Asset, however not a Flaw, that’s because once you merge a unit, their Flaw goes away while their Asset stays.


Sometimes, a unit has actually what’s called a Superasset and/or a Superflaw. Rather than increasing/decreasing a stat through 3, they perform so by 4 (in fact, the Summer Ingrid in the photo above has a rate Superasset!). These are not random; because that example, Summer Byleth has actually a rate Superasset, so with a +SPD IV, her speed would rise from 42 come 46. This will always happen through a +SPD IV Summer Byleth.

For the Pokémon players out there, IVs space extremely similar to Natures: one stat goes up, and also another go down.

Now that we’ve gone end IVs, the next question to ask is...how lot do they yes, really matter? must you really bother summoning an additional copy that a unit to solve their defect or get a far better Asset? +3/4 and -3/4 to 2 stats nothing seem that vital on paper, yet whether or not those actually execute make a difference depends top top context.

Of course, if one of your favorite characters in the collection has some really poor IVs, then don’t feel negative at all because that attempting to summon another copy of them! To many players, using devices they like to clear content is the many enjoyable method to beat FEH, so gaining a much better Asset and/or removing the cons of those units would make clearing contents easier, but still enjoyable. If you’re ready to store the suboptimal IVs and also want to conserve up because that future banners, climate that’s fine, too! It just boils down to whether you think it’s worth spending Orbs to shot to get far better IVs for her favorite units.

With the addition of Trait Fruit in upgrade 4.9.0, however, summoning just to resolve a unit’s IVs i do not care much much less of a necessity. Players deserve to freely adjust the Asset and also Flaw of any given unit through 100 trait Fruit; as such, they deserve to spend this money instead the Orbs to optimize their favorite units. This additionally makes optimizing much simpler for players the stockpile hundreds, if not thousands of Orbs at a time with the intention of spending most/all that them when a new unit they love join the battle.

That aside, IVs don’t matter that lot for PvE content. all PvE content have the right to be cleared also if her units have suboptimal, or even poor IVs. Due to the fact that PvE content deserve to be retried as countless times as players want to within an event or battle’s time constraint (if there even is one), players deserve to experiment as numerous times together they’d like, through no particular cost to losing except for time (and periodically Stamina). Particular units likewise have very solid weapons that permit them to carry out well also with negative IVs.


Even despite -SPD is may be Celica"s worst Flaw since she is an attack unit, she have the right to still move through waves of enemies. This is due to the fact that Ragnarok, that Brazen Atk/Spd refine, and also Brazen Atk/Spd together Celica’s sacred Seal effectively grant she +19 Atk/Spd, skyrocketing her attack to 68 and Speed to 52 before any buffs.

As for Arena, Arena Assault, Allegiance Battles, and also Mjölnir’s Strike, units should have merges due to the fact that merges boost the player’s score, an interpretation the Flaw should be non-existent anyways. It’s precious noting that Superassets deserve to potentially rise a unit’s score, as these modes additionally score based turn off of BST (base stat total); the greater the BST, the higher the unit scores. BST is put into bins that 5; for example, 160-164 BST is a bin, definition a unit v 160 is scoring the same as a unit with 164 if every one of their merges and an abilities are similar in SP cost (higher complete SP expense = higher score). Having actually a Superasset might be the difference between a unit being in the 155-159 bin and the 160-164 bin, therefore be sure to take it that right into account because that scoring purposes. For an ext on this, examine out this Arena Scoring guide my friend Raelet made! ^^

So far, IVs yes, really don’t seem that important, right? Well...that alters when we acquire into Aether Raids.

Aether Raids and IVs

Because of just how optimized Aether Raids Offense and Defense teams room nowadays, every stat allude could count. Summer Byleth would’ve been able to take the end that Brave Ike on she follow-up attack, but she wasn’t able to due to the fact that she’s no +Speed and the Brave Ike is Speed-stacking; now all of her allies space being KO’d through him. That 1 HP Valentine’s Alm would’ve to be dead if Brave Lyn was +Attack rather of +Speed, but now he and also his allies have the right to clean up on Player Phase. Because your female Kris is -Attack, she to let go the KO on Eliwood through 1 HP. Shoot, now Summer Dorothea supplied Wings of Mercy come warp adjacent to Eliwood, scored the KO top top Kris, and also now her backline is exposed and also you need to retreat. IVs are really important in Aether Raids due to the fact that just a couple of points in a stat have the right to make the difference between KOing and lacking a KO, surviving with 1 HP or gift KO’d, activating or no activating a Sabotage or Temari, being able to or not being able to use Wings the Mercy to warp surrounding to an ally, the supertank or the support unit soaking Chill skills and Shrines, the perform goes on. There are no 2nd chances in Aether Raids; there’s only one opportunity to take it on a details defense unless you just so happen to run right into it again (or you doing friend Mock Battles). The aftermath of no playing well include wasting time, to escape Ladder uses, and Aether, a limited resource that increases by a set amount every reset. Since of these costs and the optimization that Offense and also Defense teams, IVs can be very important come secure kills, survival, and also more.

However, that’s not to overstate the prestige of IVs in Aether Raids. In plenty of situations, lacking a few points in a stat does no make a difference in the result of a battle or a match as a whole. 5 teams, an essential offensive structures prefer Bolt Tower, ability adjustments, and team preview allow players come be an extremely flexible, so also if units lack optimal IVs, they can very frequently still gain the job done.

A “dump stat” is a stat that a unit does not must invest at every in since it’s already so low. In the early days the FEH (before Aether Raids), most players would pin HP, Defense, or Resistance as a dump stat for attack units and Speed because that slower systems that might use an abilities that grant guaranteed follow-up attacks. Even if it is or no a recording stat also exists anymore counts on both the unit and the context/mode in question.

For PvE modes, Arena, Arena Assault, Allegiance Battles, and Mjölnir’s Strike, it might be argued that there room pretty critical dump stats for most units. The dispute that offensive units can dump HP, Defense, or Resistance still holds true unless the player wants claimed unit come endure numerous hits on foe Phase. This is due to the fact that offensive units want come invest as much as feasible into Attack and Speed to make their damage output and follow-up attacks an ext consistent. Tools and skills that prevent counterattacks or permit units to execute their follow-up assault before the enemy’s counterattack such together Firesweep weapons, Dazzling Staff, and Desperation also make bulk less the a priority for attack units. Uneven for a Speed-investment meme, slow-moving units such as Sophia have the right to usually intake Speed as well (since they deserve to rely top top their mass and/or guaranteed follow-up attacks), with the exemption being devices that have mediocre, yet still salvageable rate such as Idunn (these units have the right to invest in rate to become strong well-rounders).

Once again, it seems prefer a intake stat yes, really does exist for many units until we start talking around Aether Raids.

Aether Raids and also Dump Stats

Because that the reasons pointed out in the ahead Aether Raids section, a lot of units can’t afford to no invest into a stat at all; at least, ~ above Offense. Exceptions are usually very slow units favor Sophia and also Fallen Lyon the rely completely on your damage, guaranteed follow-up attacks, and also bulk to lug their groups to victory. Those aside, most units desire to invest into every one of their stats as much as possible, also if a stat is pretty low at base.


Valentine’s Alm’s Resistance is plainly his shortest stat, so why invest into it? It i will not ~ make feeling to invest Speedwings right into a really slow unit in regular Fire Emblem games since it would rarely make a difference (if ever), so what makes this different? The Aether Raids Defense meta is what avoids supertanks such as Valentine’s Alm and also the plethora that Speedy Infantry melee systems from just cutting your losses v their Resistance. Mages such together Lysithea, please Julia, Ophelia, legend Celica, Thrasir, and Bramimond run rampant in Aether Raids Defense as result of their fantastic damage output, an individual weapons/skills, and capability to obtain Special charge through their weapons, skills, and/or teammates’ Infantry Pulses. Employee units room also reasonably common, even if it is they be on gain back trap teams that intended to capture careless players off-guard or mounties Line teams that suffocate and punish players for having too countless offensive frameworks to escape your units’ ranges. Together such, supertanks must invest into their Resistance to stop them from being nuked by these units, making Resistance one unviable recording stat in Aether Raids Offense.

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As because that Aether Raids Defense, intake stats are usually more acceptable since units commonly play just 1 role as opposed to lot of roles prefer supertanks play.

More 보다 anything, identify the importance of IVs and the visibility of dump stats rely on the unit and context. Some systems care much more than others, Aether Raids Offense needs investment in every stats more than any kind of other mode, and also some players may just want come optimize their favorite units. 

Hopefully this guide helped! i really appreciate any type of feedback or other perspectives, therefore feel cost-free to send any. Many thanks so lot for reading, say thanks to you to those that sent feedback, and also have a an excellent day/night! ^^