While entering mine attic, ns unknowingly got to down and also touched a bat – funny just how Bats simply love attic spaces. I assumed it bit me, but after looking in ~ my hand, ns couldn’t watch a bite mark. That is once I thought, “What go a bat bite look like on a human?” The answer to this concern is important for a variety of reasons.

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Aren’t bats a common carrier of rabies? could the bat have actually rabies? What is the ideal way to identify if the bat has rabies? If ns cannot uncover a bite mark, have to I be concerned around contracting rabies? here are part answers.

Some Bats and also Rabies Facts

Mention bite marks and also everyone conjures up pictures of Dracula biting a victim’s neck.News reports, such together the one displayed on this YouTube video, only emphasize this image. But, most bites happen on the hand, when human being handle bats without wearing heavy gloves:

The center for disease Control (CDC) claims on their website that bats are one of the main types of wild pets that can give humans rabies, and also the condition is transmitted mainly through a bite, but it is likewise transmitted when a rabid bat contacts her mouth, nose, eyes, or a fresh wound.

Rabies in the United claims is contract the most from raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes, and also coyotes, and in that order, according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. No all animals are rabid, and the college of Texas describes that less than one-half the one percent of every bats have rabies.

Rabies is a serious viral condition that hits the main nervous system and, unfortunately, when rabies symptoms start to occur, claims the Seattle and also King county Public health Department, one imminent death is the ultimate result, whether the victim is a bat, or yourself.

Are Bat Bite point out are tough to Find?

Bats the the people come in all sizes, however the primary bat uncovered in the United says is the small brown bat, which is only four inches long and also weighs less than one ounce, follow to east Kentucky University. This pet has a an extremely tiny mouth with very sharp teeth.

As discussed by the Los Angeles ar Public health and wellness Department, a tiny brown bat bite could look favor tiny pin pricks on her skin, and also a bite note is regularly too small to even see. Therefore, every bites are considered a rabies exposure, even if friend cannot discover the bite.

If you feel a needle prick, or stinging emotion while encountering a bat, you more than likely were bitten by a bat, states the Minnesota room of Health, that adds that the bat may leave no proof of a puncture, or a wound. These alone tells us how essential it is to remove this insect from your home.

Can’t discover a Bat Bite Mark, now What?


The are afraid of rabies infection is constantly a predominant factor to consider by health professionals. How do they tell if the animal has rabies? It need to be captured, killed, and a lab analysis is bring away of the bat’s brain in order to check the rabies virus.

If you’re prefer me, you’re no interested in recording a bat, back it deserve to be done. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife argues wearing hefty gloves, confining the bat in a container, prefer a coffee can, slide cardboard under the container, and then taping the container shut.

Unlike the work of old, as soon as rabies shots involved 21 agonizing shots in the stomach, Rutgers college reports the a human post-exposure rabies collection involves an initial shooting in the rump and four shots in the arm over a two-week period. Many doctors introduce this approach.

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As the Boston Public wellness Commission recommends, you have actually nothing to are afraid if a bat paris over your head, yet if you touched the animalor were resting too difficult to be conscious when ananimal was in the room, the bat must be collected and tested because that rabies, or you require to gain rabies shots.