I"ve common a video clip from YouTube come Facebook, and this has shown up ok on my wall.

Now I want to tag friends that room in the video, and also can"t see any type of option to carry out that. Every the travel guide I check out in places like this say that there have to be a tag choice to the lower right the the video, but I can"t check out that. Is this a attribute we"ve shed in among their updates, or has it just moved what obscure?

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Tagging is easily accessible only if you upload the video clip directly come Facebook—if friend share the link, the video clip is fetched from YouTube, not Facebook so girlfriend can"t tags them.

Might I indicate dropping a comment and also doing one



Click "Share" under the video on YouTube then click on the on facebook icon—a tiny window must come up. In that window, there is a tiny box that claims "Whats on your mind"; in it form

Copy the attach of the video clip then walk to your facebook profile and also paste it there then create your friend name but start with capital!

All you need to do is when you are around to re-superstructure the video is: is the surname of you girlfriend is writing with resources letter friend will need to start v the funding letter, there is a distinction when you kind with a continual word, so I suggest you to execute it just specifically like they have it on your profile, good luck

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