I invested over three hrs vigorously examining eincredibly single roster in the NHL, picking out the players that captured my eye. After a lot consideration (and seeking the opinion of among my ideal friends who"s the best female hocvital fan I know), I"ve narrowed the search dvery own to fourteenager sizzling warm hoccrucial players.

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1. Miles Wood

Miles is my personal favorite. I had actually the honor of seeing this babe through my incredibly own eyes as soon as I watched the New Jersey Devil"s play versus the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Prudential Center. Security had actually to host me back because I wanted to hug him.

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2. Sidney Crosby

Everybody knows Sidney; the NHL currently lists him as among the 100 best players. He"s #87 on the ice, but #1 in a lot of girl"s hearts.

3. Tom Wilboy


Right now playing for the Washington Capitals, Tom"s an absolute hottie; he"s four inches over 6 feet and is certain to make you drool.

4. Alexander Wennberg

This blonde babe was drafted in 2013 by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Even though he hasn"t won any type of Stanley Cups yet, I have actually faith in this Swedish cutie.

5. Jonathan Ericcboy


Jonathan plays for the Detroit Red Wings and also is yet one more Swedish dreamboat!

6. Henrik Lundqvist


Even though this New York Ranger was drafted virtually 20 years earlier, he"s a large deal; he won the Vezina Trophy in the time of the 2011-2012 seachild and also a gold medal in 2006 at the Torino Olympics.

7. Romale Josi


Oh, baby! Roguy recorded the attention of Switzerland"s top division in 2007 when he was just seventeen years old.

8. Brian Dumoulin


This hot Penguin is a legend: he helped win his team the Stanley Cup TWO YEARS IN A ROW!

9. Michal Kempny


This beaut and also his team won the Stanley Cup not as well long earlier. That"s hot.

10. Ian McCoshen


Ian"s a defenseguy, yet there"s no way he deserve to safeguard himself against you recording feelings.

11. Ryan Murray

This guy"s been stealing hearts since he was drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2012.

12. Nick Schmaltz

I bet he was quite the females man from once he played college hocvital.

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13. Tyler Bozak

This Canadian is 200 pounds of sexy; you"re certainly falling in love currently.

14. Aaron Ekblad


Not only is he handsome, but he additionally won the 2015 Calder Trophy as the top rookie in the NHL. What more have the right to a girl ask for? (This one"s for you, Julia!)

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