Steve Harvey is phone call this prolonged clip from a recently shot family Feud episode, "The greatest television that will never be seen."

Perhaps someone forgot to define the means the video game is played to Sheila, the woman through answers that room so bad, friend can"t watch away. 

Harvey asks the contestants, "Tell me another way people to speak "mother""

After ""Mama"," "Mom," and also "Mommy" have already been efficiently selected, Sheila can"t seem to understand that she"s not allowed to repeat answers, literally speak the exact same words that have currently been guessed, yet use a different inflection.

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At one point, Harvey, that can"t think the jaw dropping minute says, "Let me ask girlfriend something. Are ya"ll crazy? execute you ya"ll think really, the ya"ll deserve to take every these indigenous that are the same and just speak them different reason you want to?"

Just as soon as you think you"ve heard the finish of it, the poor answers keep coming, and coming... For an ext than 7 minutes. 

The web is phone call this the "worst household Feud minute of all time." What carry out you think? day-to-day e-Newsletter

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