Sometimes you"ve just got to shake it off. At least, Hillary Clinton seems to think so.

She showed off her now-signature dance moves on The jonathanlewisforcongress.comn DeGeneres Show on Thursday, granting the host her first sit-down interview since the second presidential debate. Clinton insisted she didn"t realize she"d shimmied her shoulders during the first debate, but says, "Afterward I saw it and now people are always saying, "Do the shimmy, do the shimmy," you know?"

Now she knows how Cali Swag District feels!

Anyway, DeGeneres must have sensed that the presidential candidate wouldn"t want to totally let loose on air, so she gave her permission just to sit back and relax.

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And! Enjoy an absurdly remixed dance-off between her and insta-meme red-sweater-wearer Ken Bone:

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Now admit it. This made you smile.

Mattie KahnMattie Kahn is a writer who lives in New York.
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