Achieving Affordable Healthcare

Having access to quality, affordable healthcare, to fairly priced pharmaceuticals and to life-saving technology is a right for all Americans, not a privilege reserved for the wealthy. We need people in Congress who aren’t in the pocket of Big Pharma and are free to do what’s right. Without a healthy country, we certainly can’t be a great one.

I understand the challenges of dealing with our healthcare system – my daughter and son are both living with Type 1 Diabetes. As a parent, I’ve experienced the stress of waiting in an emergency room with a sick child, hoping for a better diagnosis or rushing out of work after a child has fallen ill. And, like all Americans who go to the drugstore to fill prescriptions, I’ve watched the cost of staying healthy spiral out of control. The price of life-saving drugs has risen sharply in recent years, while the the typical American family income has been stagnant.

When big pharmaceutical companies don’t act as responsible corporate citizens, it is the duty of our elected officials to speak out and end the abuse of their monopolistic pricing power.

Here’s my plan to make America healthier:

  • Medicare for all — Pure and simple. It’s time to move to a single payer system.
  • Control the spiraling costs of life-saving pharmaceuticals by giving Medicare the freedom to negotiate a better deal on drugs for consumers.
  • Increase Federal funding and provide tax incentives for science research that seeks to find cures for diseases. Big Pharma makes its money from you buying maintenance drugs, not from curative treatments, so they don’t spend their research money on cures. Only the Federal government can provide the financial incentives for ending disease, rather than merely managing it.
  • Allow US citizens to freely purchase medicine from Canada. If we can import food from Canada, why not prescription drugs? Most Americans support this freedom to purchase, but Congress doesn’t. Since many members of Congress take money from Pharma PACs, their voices have been silenced by this money. This is wrong.
  • Use antitrust powers to break-up Big Pharma companies that don’t act as responsible corporate citizens.

We better regulate price gouging and shorten the period of time for which patents are granted. Big Pharma companies have abused their patent-protected market power, and it needs to end now.

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