First step: discover your HAMPTON just ceiling fan bulb size

The very first step in detect the correct light pear for her Hampton bay ceiling fan is to measure the basic of the pear you are replacing. ~ the correct dimension is identified you can follow the light bulb references below.

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Second Step: choose the correct sized lights

We recommend the you examine your owner"s manual or manufacturer specifications as soon as purchasing new light bulbs. Many Hampton only ceiling fan light kits have a 60W or 40W max output, so the recommendations listed below do no exceed those specifications. Base dimension is also important therefore make certain you have actually measured your existing light pear base come make sure it"s the correct size (use the graph above).


If your Hampton bay ceiling fan light kit originally consisted of CFL bulbs and you would favor to do an also replacement then us recommend this Satco Mini CFL bulbs.

Each 9W bulb will administer 550 lumens that lighting making these best for Hampton just ceiling fan light kits that require an ext than one bulb. If girlfriend would prefer to go also brighter you can also upgrade to 15W mini CFL bulbs.

It"s important that you an initial measure your existing CFL bulbs come make certain they are tool base before purchasing these! If they are smaller, you might need intermediary or candelabra base bulbs instead. Use the graph at the optimal of the page to match your bulbs come the correct size.


Bulbrite offers high quality medium base LED irradiate bulbs in 9 watts for a brighter and much more energy reliable upgrade. These bulbs space dimmable and also compatible through a selection of dimmer species including those discovered in Hampton only ceiling fans.

These LED Hampton bay ceiling pan replacement light bulbs room a quality upgrade to your present CFL or glow bulbs. Rated to critical 25,000 hours each pear is power Star rated for efficient price savings end time.


CFL bulbs space harder to discover in the intermediary base size that is common in Hampton bay ceiling fans. Upgrading come 40w indistinguishable LED lamp is recommended. Sunlite offers great quality intermediate basic LED light bulbs that are right replacement in Hampton bay ceiling fans.

At only 6 watts, these bulbs give an indistinguishable output come 40w incandescent lights. Castle are also rated to last years for less light bulb an altering and more lifetime power savings.

When it comes to finding Hampton bay ceiling pan light bulbs in candelabra sizes Hansang renders a great option for switching come LED lighting. These candelabra LED bulbs room rated at 6 watts per bulb yet provide you a 60 watt irradiate output identical to timeless incandescent bulbs.

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These irradiate bulbs can be found at a good value without sacrificing light quality and energy efficiency. Hansang LED bulbs come in fill of six which renders them a perfect match for multi-lamp ceiling fan light kits.

More pear options

If this overview hasn’t covered the pear you need for your particular ceiling fan, then us recommend taking a look in ~ our LED Bulbs for Ceiling fans buying guide that covers replaceable ceiling pan bulbs in many an ext sizes and also styles.

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