“That’s not just how girls sit” is a statement most women would have actually heard. Together kids, girls space specifically teach to sit cross-legged. Just then is it considered “decent”. If a girl is found sitting with her legs apart, climate someone or the other is certain toexclaim – “Why space you sitting favor a guy! it looks indecent”. However who yes, really has decided these postures and also why is the still complied with widely – be it in public locations or even in the comfort of one’s own home? these questions have been raised often and it seems favor women have made decision to fall this ascendancy of sitting choose “a lady should’ through a new hashtag ‘#womanspreading’.Like #MeToo, i beg your pardon was offered by women throughout the civilization to share your experiences on sex-related assault, #womanspreading is likewise being provided widely on social media by ladies to show that they are no longer willing to conform to the pre-determined method of sitting for girls.


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Social media is flooded with photographs the women throughout the people who have actually used #womanspreading.These photographs display women confidently sitting v their legs broad apart. The background setup and pose different in the photographs, but the legs continue to be spread out wide, making a strong statement. In the last few years, #manspreading had become a trend. That basically way men sitting through their legs stretched broad apart there is no caring 2 hoots around the world. In photos and in real life, we can have seen men sitting in that posture and also somehow, nobody has called it ‘indecent’ or ‘awkward’. However when it pertains to women sitting that way, it seems a huge problem. While guys tend to rigid in an poisonous way, other women likewise give i do not agree glances. That’s what these women have collection out to adjust by sharing this photographs. Also Read - Kim Kardashian cause Hilarious Memes with Her Met Gala 2021 look at - Dementor or Batman?

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I can’t say that I’m a feminist but I believe everyone (men or women) has the appropriate to feeling comfortable when seating as far as there’s nothing wrong with the means he/she dressed/posed. It’s not about sex it’s just around self-respect. #womanspreading #becoolbegood

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