The kiss it is long at the very least 5 seconds. Maya pulled her lips away and also saw Josh's eyes were closed and his hands where approximately Maya's waist. Josh opened his eyes and also stared at Maya. Josh took his hands far from Maya waist. Maya looked around and say everybody to be staring in ~ her. Maya feeling embarrassed, yet Riley looked happy. Maya conveniently ran to the door and ran out of the Matthews place.

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"MAYA!!" mock yelled, feeling bad for her.

Josh began to go after here, however once Maya left the building Josh couldn't find her anymore. Josh altered to tear up a bit.

"Josh" Cory stated running after come him."Are friend ok?" Cory asked

Josh began to cry, he went earlier up to the Matthews place, wanting to speak to Riley.

"Riley, where perform you think Maya went?!" Josh stated nervously."She probably went to her apartment." Riley said."Ok, what's the resolve I have to talk to her!" mock said, almost heading out the door."Josh, don't go. I don't think it will certainly help. I have to go first. But I will certainly make a resolve you......." Riley said."Ok, I'm listening." josh said."I will certainly let you talk to Maya tomorrow, end here." Riley said being serious."Ok, you promise she will certainly be here?!" Josh stated trying to do sure."Promise" Riley said.

Josh left hope the next day Maya would certainly come, he had a emotion she wouldn't but then an additional feeling she will certainly come. Riley had a arrangement to do Maya come back. Riley knew if she just asked Maya to come end she wouldn't, since of what happened. Riley easily ran to Maya's apartment, where she discovered Maya on she bed crying a bit.

Riley: Peaches!! room you ok?Maya: No Riley, go you see what i did with Josh!?(Maya said, tho crying a bit)Riley: I saw Maya, however you didn't need to run away.Maya: ns don't know why ns did that, he probably doesn't also like me anymore.Riley: That's not true, no at all.(Maya was still crying however not as lot as before)Riley: PeachesMaya: Riles?Riley: Why did girlfriend kiss Josh?Maya: B....Because.......

Maya never obtained to finished that sentence because her mommy yelled the it to be time to walk to bed.

Riley: have the right to you come end tomorrow!!?Maya: Of course not, mockery is walking to be there. Riley: Ummmm..... Well..... Mockery is not going come be here tomorrow.(Riley stated feeling guilty)Maya: ns don't think you.Riley: he is no coming.

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Maya: Promise?Riley: Yeah(she felt to guilty to say promise)

Riley left Maya's apartment and also went ago to her place just really hoping Maya will certainly be here tomorrow. Riley's gut wasn't to sure. Riley visited room, flopped on her bed, thinking what she said to Maya. Riley felt therefore guilty yet she knew she is doing something appropriate for her. Riley turned off the lights, and also hoped Maya will certainly be right here tomorrow.

I hope you men like this episode!!! What execute you guys think mockery will execute in the next chapter??!☺️😏       ~Geneieve_101