Samsung has now, very quietly, launched its latest tablet offering, the Galaxy Tab A through S Pen 8.0.

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This is the recent Tab A-branded product to arrive, and as indicated by the name it not only attributes an 8-display, but likewise happens come come v an S Pen.

Samsung typically releases different commodities catering to various price points and also this appears to be the case here through the Galaxy Tab A look at aimed at the affordable market.

For example, this is an 8-inch display screen with a 1920 x 1200 resolution and also powered through a combination of 3GB RAM and also an Exynos 7904 octa-core SoC. Warehouse is resigned come 32GB, although it does support microSD cards. Cameras come in the type of an 8-megapixel rear offering and a 5-megapixel front-facing option. This is in enhancement to a 4,200 mAh volume battery, and also an LTE model.

Overall, over there doesn’t it seems ~ to it is in too lot to focus on by method of new features as soon as you look previous the consist of of the S Pen. Even that itself appears to be component of a recycling effort with the stylus having make its method over indigenous the Galaxy keep in mind line.


The Galaxy Tab A line has been approximately for some time now and this is not the very first time this details model has come to the media’s attention.

Back in December of last year, reports began to emerge suggesting Samsung was preparing to launch this precise model, back at the time the ide was it might debut at MWC 2019.

This did no prove to it is in the way things panned out with Samsung look at opting come wait a little longer and undertake a lot quieter product beginning by simply switching top top the product listing web page in select regions.

This is likewise not the first Galaxy Tab A-branded tablet to arrive this year as that honor goes to the bigger Galaxy Tab A 10.1 which launched ago in February.The 10.1-inch version has additionally since become easily accessible in a different equipped through an S Pen. So also that facet is not unique to the Tab A 8.0.

While pretty much of every the ‘what girlfriend get’ is currently confirmed, there’s tho no word on how much you’ll be meant to pay because that this one. Likewise, worldwide availability right now remains unconfirmed. A report the end of XDA-Developers states accessibility might be limited to a small an option of countries, and at present, that list walk not encompass the U.S.

That’s no to to speak this won’t ultimately arrive in the U.S., simply there’s no confirmation on that point as that yet.

What is clean is Samsung seems content with proceeding to calculation a variety of brand-new tablets alternatives around the civilization each year. Regardless of March having yet totally coming to an end, the agency has not only currently announced the 2 Galaxy Tab A tablets in 2019, but likewise in February the agency introduced theGalaxy Tab S5e – like the Galaxy S10 design that additionally sports the same “e” branding, this tablet computer is draft to offer a low-cost variation of the well-known Galaxy Tab line.

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This continued technique to tablet computers comes not just in the face of what is may be a segment of the sector that’s in a continuous state the decline, but additionally while many companies, consisting of Samsung, look to offer a tablet-like endure through the brand-new wave of foldable phones.