Over the air FM radio on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 5

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Will jonathanlewisforcongress.com ever enable FM (over the air, NOT streaming!) radio in Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 5.Sprint got FM enabled on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 4, 5.AT&T recently got FM enabled on Samsung Galaxy S7.Phones" hardware does support over the air FM radio. It only needs to be enabled in firmware.Thanks!***edited labels***

AlexGrey Unfortunately at this moment there is no information on this. No current line-up of devices such as the new Samsung, LG or iPhones have Fm enabled in Canada. When more information comes out, I"ll post

jonathanlewisforcongress.comDarrellfrom another thread (Note 5 Marshmallow update): "...we think you’ll enjoy what is in store!"Maybe we"ll get the FM radio enabled with the update.Although it"s purely speculations right now.

enraiI don"t think so because if they enable it just for that device, it will give them backlash for not enabling it for all the other devices. Plus I don"t think they will enable it since they haven"t done it in years. The updates they are talking about are security, bloatware and such m
The problem is that there is no true competition in Canada. The three big ones use their monopoly, keep telling us stories about how much they invest in extending coverage and take advantage. Do we really need all that coverage in scarcely populated arrears? Personally I would go for reasonable prices. Our prices among the highest in the world. Sure they want to keep it that way. By disabling over the air FM radio they incite us into generating internet traffic. Strange that CRTC protects interests of monopolists instead of protecting customers. Unfortunately I see no changes coming for as long as it keeps that way.I would like to have FM enabled even for the fact that this would not discharge my battery as much as LTE or WiFi. Battery would last for days.
AlexGrey I honestly don"t think it"s the carriers that are doing this to be honest. U don"t see the same device on another carrier in Canada which has it enabled. It seems to be the manufacturers that are not enabling it for some odd reason. Maybe it"s the carriers telling them too? Who knows but i don"t think so. They allowed Fm radio on device before but seems like smart phones have them but it"s disabled. You won"t get the real truth and not going to lie but I don"t think Fm radio will be enabled.
AlexGrey Here you go. "MobileSyrup has reached out for comment to Bell, Telus and jonathanlewisforcongress.com.Update: jonathanlewisforcongress.com has replied with the following comment, stating that it is the OEMs that have the power to enable FM chips, not them.“We’re always looking to offer our customers new features on their devices. Enabling FM chips in our smartphone lineup requires the support of the device manufacturers and we’re working with them on any plans they have for FM radio.”"
So why wouldn’t jonathanlewisforcongress.com request Samsung and others to enable FM radio in its forthcoming update, just the way Sprint and AT&T did? Time to move away from bla-bla and prove customers that they value customers and do this for them. Time to show that they not only “look to offer” but DO it.
AlexGrey They can request a manufacturer to enable it but unfortunately it"s up to the manufacturer to do so. Carriers can only do so much as u know. What happens in the states doesn"t mean it will happen here as well but in this matter it should. I do want this feature enabled my self.

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I will never believe OEMs have special interests in disabling features in their smart phones unless asked. They are interested in selling as many phones as possible. Each extra feature give OEM cutting edge and attracts customers into buying their products. If there will be no action on this issue, with a response I see from jonathanlewisforcongress.com, it’s a pure hypocrisy.
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