General InfoYou recognize what Polaris needs? the needs more winning. An ext Arcade very first dates with virtual reality zombie kills. More Strawberry Watermelon Margarita cocktails at happy hour with coworkers. Much more Columbus Blue Jackets touchdown dances on absurdly large TV screens every gameday. An ext of the kind of wins you’ll find at Dave & Buster’s in Polaris situated right off of I-71 near Polaris Mall. We have actually the event space, event packages, and also the best staff to help turn the ordinary into a win moment. So, does her day speak to for part winning? Ding Ding DingHours

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Parking:Lot, Private


Bike Parking:Yes


Good because that Family:Yes

Good for Groups:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Cuisines:Family Style, American, take it Out

Alcohol:Beer, full Bar, Wine


Takes Reservations:Yes

Good because that Kids:Yes

Outdoor Seating:No

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