Fortnite Season 9’s premier feature, the Fortbyte device, is full steam ahead through one released eexceptionally day at 1pm GMT. Fortbyte #76: Found Behind A Historical Diorama In An Insurance Building, is Tuesday’s supplying in the time of Week 4.

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For the uninitiated, the Fortbyte system is a blend of weekly challenges, on a day-to-day schedule, every one of which are distinct. They’re overwhelmingly designed in the style of a ‘scavenger/treacertain hunt’ challenge that were so prolific in Seasons 3-7. You’ll obtain cosmetic rewards as you acquire even more Fortbytes, similar to those of typical Battle Pass rewards. In addition, for each Fortbyte obtained a tile is revealed on a photo (of which tright here are 100 tiles) which promises to unveil Seakid 9’s secrets.

This write-up focuses on Fortbyte #76: Found Behind A Historical Diorama In An Insurance Building, which is complying with suit in architecture from the last ten or so previous Fortbytes. This specific Fortbyte is situated in Neo Tilted, which means it’ll be playing about via the Season 9 transforms, evening out the playing area for more recent players.

Fortbyte #76: Found Behind A Historical Diorama In An Insurance Building Location


Fortbyte #76 is on the ground floor of this structure. The main entrance is situated on the southern confront of the structure. Head in via this entrance and you’ll see the major reception, look directly to your best and also you’ll see the diorama (basically a miniature three 3D model) in question. It’ll be in the back of this space; you might should damage the version to gain to it.

Fortbyte #76 Video Guide

Epic seems to be hitting their ‘stride’ via the Fortbyte obstacles currently. A big amount of the previous Fortbytes (bordering on ten or more) have been in the same vein of obstacle. That is, carry out a hint around the location of a Fortbyte utilizing landmarks and also descriptions without directly stating the location.

This Fortbyte adheres to on from Monday’s Fortbyte #68 and also Sunday’s Fortbyte #91, both of which are typical scavenger hunt style Fortbytes.

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