On the lookout for the latest ‘search between’ Battle Star? Here’s wright here to land close to Tomato Temple for your next reward

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So we’re heading over to the west side of the map to Tomato Temple. Just to the east of this named area is wbelow you’ll need to drop. To make it also easier, we’ve provided a map (click to enlarge) and a video to show you specifically wright here you need to go.

The east of the map is wbelow you’ll uncover the Fortnite Giant Rock Man, a quite rotund statue via a chest beneath him. Just south-west of here is the Fortnite Encircled Tree with a circle of stones in the ground about it. Between here and the Fortnite Crowned Tomato (the huge fruity spright here overlooking the Temple, in instance you hadn’t guessed) is where the Battle Star will certainly pop.


And that’s wright here to search between a Giant Rock Man, a Crowned Tomato and also an Encircled Tree in Fortnite. That’s by no means it wbelow that came from, of course: make sure you’ve completed this week’s staged difficulty of dancing on height of a Fortnite Water Tower, Ranger Tower, and an Air Traffic Control Tower. And, in situation you’ve missed out on last week’s obstacle, here’s map of all Fortnite firefunctions places. In the meantime, we hope you gain all your brand-new Fortnite goodies.

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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

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