Food over 50"s first episode introduces good health and also nutrition to the meals we eat, and sets the layout for the entire an initial series with one of our most typical dietary dilemmas in America, the problem of Red Meat & Cholesterol.

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Recipes featured in this episode:Bitter Sweet Steak Salad - Roast foot of Lamb - Ratatouille - Chimichurri Sauce - Couscous


Episode 2: sodium vs Hypertension

Food over 50 illustration #2, "The Salt Show: salt Vs. Hypertension," starts with a sizzling hot location intro literally! The July temperature to be 117 as hold David Jackson stand atop 60 million lots of reflectively white salt chloride in ~ Bristol dried Lake in the Mojave Desert!

Recipes featured in this episode:Orange Sesame Chicken - Chicken Chile Verde


Episode 3: Omega 3"s

"Omega 3"s: are They A Fish Story?" That"s the inquiry asked and also answered in illustration #3 the Food over 50. Healthy Omega 3 fatty acids are found in a range of fresh foods, yet according come our residents dietician and also "Second Helpings" co-host, Elizabeth Kelsey, seafood, an especially finned fish prefer salmon and also mackerel, is the most efficient resource for our bodies.

Recipes featured in this episode:Smoked Mackerel Pate - Mussels Marinara - Roast Salmon through Lemon and also Dill


Episode 4: Sweet Things

Even if we end up through a mouthful that dentures later on in life, opportunities are that us still maintain our sweet tooth! That"s why illustration #4 that Food over 50 reflects viewers specifically how to fulfill this irresistible urge with creative deserts include a healthy and balanced package the nutritionally sweet benefits, as opposed to polished white sugar which contains nothing however empty calories.

Recipes featured in this episode:Sweet & Savory Dessert Tray - date & Bourbon Chantilly Cream - A hint of Chocolate


Episode 5: dietary Fiber

​"Dietary Fiber: Bulking increase On Taste." Most human being think the a fibrous diet consists of a lot of broom straw and tree bark, but nothing might be farther indigenous the truth! Fiber is immensely beneficial for us as we age, especially due to the fact that our entry of medicines tends to increase, our task level often tends to decrease and also our "regularity" i do not care a tiny less regular.

Recipes featured in this episode:​ almost Chicken Soup - Tabbouleh with Artichoke - Homemade Chicken share - Libby"s Regularity Recipe


Episode 6: The strength of Protein

​​​Food over 50 is not simply your mean Public television "How To" cooking program. Instead, it"s an ext a "Why To" collection emphasizing the prestige of a nutritious and also health-sustaining diet as we age. And also our "Power that Protein" developments this philosophy, when balancing good nutrition with plentiful flavor, many thanks to five disparate however delectable recipes.

Recipes featured in this episode:Devilish egg - Grilled Lobster - Homemade Lobster stock - Spanish Rice - Frijoles Pintos Picantes

Episode 7: eating the Rainbow

​Episode #7 the Food over 50 is all about the color of what we eat, due to the fact that a rainbow on our plate amounts to a bounty of good nutrition in ours tummy. Chef/host David Jackson creates an impressive Poulet Jardin, which equates to Chicken In The Garden.

Recipes featured in this episode:​ ​Herb Roasted Chicken - ​Grilled Asparagus - Roast Squash - Roast Cauliflower - Herb Topped tomato - Sautéed Red Cabbage - ​Sautéed Julienne of Carrots- Grilled Zucchini

Episode 8: dietary Fats

​Fat is flavor! Butter and also lard forever! That"s what every the self-styled cooking experts on commercial TV insist. But what if we"re getting along in years, our hearts and also arteries could use a little tender love care and also our physicians recommend we alleviate saturated fat from our diets?

Recipes featured in this episode:​ Seared Tuna Steak - Open-Faced Burger deluxe - Quinoa Salad

Episode 9: discharge Carbs

​Potatoes, pasta and rice are simply a couple of examples of our daily intake the carbohydrates, and also each is ~ above the menu for episode #9 that Food end 50, "Unloading Carbs: Reducing diet Starch." yet as us age, we must unload some of these overabundance starches and sugars in donate of better choices and much more modest portions.

Recipes featured in this episode:​ vegetables & Rice Pilaf - Cockle & Pasta Vongole - Sautéed Garlic Potatoes

Episode 10: Aging & the lose of Taste

​David introduce our "Aging & The ns Of Taste" episode by reminiscing around all the old TV westerns we watched together kids. However as time has moseyed along, these tv "Shoot "Em Ups" have actually dwindled, just like the sharpness of our eyesight, the acuity of ours hearing and our capability to distinguish specific flavors the means we provided to. It"s the inevitability of getting older, the town hall a portion of our senses ride off right into the sunset.

Recipes featured in this episode:​ Mango Chicken Brochettes - Pork Marsala

Episode 11: The Weighty problem of Calorie Counting

​​On both commercial and Public Television, load loss diet pitches are popular. Clearly, this way that many of us are concerned with gaining rid that extra pounds. Yet is counting calories the answer?

Recipes featured in this episode:Insalata di Cavolo - Pollock Ceviche - Southern layout Beans - Southern format Greens

Episode 12: The flavors of Life

​"The flavors Of Life." It"s an apt title for episode #12 the Food over 50. After ~ all, herbs and also spices market a bounty of concentrated anti-oxidants and also anti-inflammatory agents that are greater than practically any other category of foodstuffs. But best of all, spices market a superior range of intense flavor options that shame salt and sugar by comparison.

Recipes featured in this episode:​ Saag Aloo - new & straightforward Curry - Spiced Fruit Compote

Episode 13: Eating far at Inflammation

​​"Eating away At Inflammation" is the theme for episode #13 the Food over 50 and also combating this daunting health concern through good dietary selections is its purpose. Ironically, practically every recipe in each of our FO5O episodes help fight inflammation.

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Recipes featured in this episode: Beet & Ginger Salad - mixed Seafood Grill

​​Food over 50is likewise currently airing nationwide onCreate TV multiple times per week. Examine your regional listings.
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