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Ohhh...Aw, yeah...Girl, tonight we"re going to make loveYou know exactly how I know?Since it"s Wednesday,And Wednesday night is the night that we usually make loveTuesday night is the night that we generally go to your mother"s placeAnd I teach her just how to usage the video machine aget,But Wednesday night is the night that we"re making loveWhen every little thing is simply right:You"re not to worn down from your after-occupational social netsphere team practiceThere"s nopoint good on tv,Mmmmm... Conditions are perfect for making loveYou turn to me and say somepoint s*** like:"I can go to bed, I"ve gained occupational in the morning.""I know what you"re trying to say baby,You"re trying to say,"Aw yeah, it"s business time"It"s business,It"s organization time!(I know what you"re trying to say,You"re trying to say it"s time for business, company time, ooh!)It"s business,It"s service time!(Oh, woah, oh, woah, yeah, yeah!)Next thing you understand we"re in the the bathroom brushing our teeth,That" all part of it, that the foreplayForeplay is exceptionally important, in love-makingThen you go sort out the recycling,Which isn"t component of the Foreplay, but it"s still very importantNext thing you understand we"re in the bedroomYou"re wearing that very same old, baggy t-shirt with the stain on itThat you acquired from that team-building exerciseThat you did for your work-related a number of years ago(Team building exercise "99!)I take off my garments, but I pilgrimage over my jeans,And I"m still wearing my shoes,But it"s okay, bereason I revolve it all into a s*** danceNext off thing you know I"m wearing absolutely nopoint,Except for my socksAnd you understand once I"m dvery own to just my socks what time it is:It"s business time!It"s service,It"s service time!(You know once I"m dvery own to my socks,It"s time for company, that"s why we contact it organization time, ooh!)It"s organization,It"s business time!Uhrrr, hrrr, hooo, huhhhh, yeah, a yeah!Making love...Making love for...Making love for twoMaking love for 2 minutesWhen you"re through me you just need two minutes, girl,"Cause I"m so intense,Two minutes in Heaven is better than one minute in Heaven, mmmYou turn to me and say somepoint s*** like:"Is that it?"I know what your trying to say, girl,Your trying to say:"Aw, yeah, that"s it!Then you tell me you want some more, well uh,I"m not surprisedBut I am fairly sleepyIt"s service,It"s organization time!(Firm hours are over, baby!)It"s service,It"s business time!