FORTNITE week 9 challenges are live now, with the loading screen secret Battle Star available to find. Here’s the hidden star location.

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Fortnite hidden secret Battle Star week 9 - How to find the latest season 9 hidden secret Battle Sta (Image: EPIC GAMES)

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Fortnite week 9 challenges are available now, with players trying to find the secret Battle Star that is hidden in the latest season 9 loading screen.

The Fortnite week 9 secret Battle Star is the final hidden loading screen item for season 9, with a Fortbyte loading screen next up.

The Fortnite week 9 loading screen shows the leaked Brite Bomber skin skateboarding.

This skin has not been released yet but will do once the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer event finishes.

As per usual, the Fortnite week 9 loading screen has the location of the secret Battle star hidden away on it.

The clue for the secret Battle Star location in the Fortnite week 9 loading screen can be found in the bottom right hand jonathanlewisforcongress.comrner.

It shows a Battle Star above a car which has a cinema-style red velvet rope banner in front of it.

If you’re struggling to find this spot, then this car be found in the Mega Mall location.

It will either be sitting as a museum piece or a reward for jonathanlewisforcongress.commpleting a jonathanlewisforcongress.comntest.

Remember, the Battle Star will only appear once you’ve unlocked the Fortnite week 9 loading screen.

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In case you’re wondering, then here is the full list of the Fortnite week 9 challenges which went live this Thursday…


Fortnite hidden secret Battle Star week 9 - Here"s the clue for the Battle Star map location (Image: EPIC GAMES)


•Use a Chug Jug or a Chug Splash in (3) different matches – 5 Battle Stars

•Visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle – 5 Battle Stars

•Stage 1/5: Get an elimination with a jonathanlewisforcongress.commmon rarity weapon


Fortnite hidden secret Battle Star week 9 - Here"s the location for the hidden secret Battle Star (Image: EPIC GAMES)

- Stage 2/5: Get an elimination with an Unjonathanlewisforcongress.commmon rarity weapon

- Stage 3/5: Get an elimination with a Rare rarity weapon

- Stage 4/5: Get an elimination with an Epic rarity weapon

- Stage 5/5: Get an elimination with a Legendary rarity weapon

Fortnite debut NEW proximity grenade launcher weapon


•Deal (500) headshot damage – 5 Battle Stars

•Search (7) chests at Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet – 5 Battle Stars

•Eliminate (5) opponents in different Named Locations – 10 Battle Stars

•Deal (200) damage to an opponent within 10s of landing from a Volcano Vent – 10 Battle Stars

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