Crazy as it seems, the up-and-coming Fetty Wap and also Remy Boyz could be in the all-secretive Illuminati club.

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Probably not, however this Instagram write-up was pretty funny in break down how Fetty is a component of the Illuminati.

It goes…

Fetty Wap – 1738 (Producer Group)

1738 = 5:38 army Time

Fetty = 5 letters

Wap = 3 letters

5 + 3 = 8

Matthews 5:38 = Eye because that An Eye

Fetty gave His Eye for Fame

Have girlfriend heard that “Jay Rodgers” around the net or buzzing around your group of friends? Odd’s are you have. And its due to the fact that this 19 year old Canadian born rapper has actually recently join the enclave that elites. With images of the 666 gesture & one-eyed photography & the mass amounts of hits on his Vimeo, Soundcloud, Youtube & much an ext makes it tough to believe overnight he became as renowned as the “top-selling” illuminati puppets. Next step is he will most likely come across a significant record label deal & begin his “initiation” right into this cult & have the same “hidden” message amung his releases. One year ago these artists we’re never heard the or speak about. Particularly Jay Rodgers. He insurance claims he began releasing music just over a year back & had no suffer with the document label criteria. As quickly as his first song “Initiation” came out that instantly gained 40,000 views on youtube. You watch the title of the song? It’s because he to be Initiated into the higher estate us all recognize as the “Illuminati”. There has actually been no actual evidence of this considering he has NO music videos yet so lot traffic. Amung my team the associates we deserve to all agree top top one thing. He either has actually ties to or is part of the elites.

Another reason we believe this is due to the truth his upcoming album which has actually no release day constists the a 2 eyed figure as the background looking prefer a wolf or something follow me those lines through roman numerals that equal to his birthdate. July 16, 1996. Likewise the work he exit his first song. July 16th so probably its a post that that is his 1 year celebration of authorized the elites. Also another suggest is the the album name is “FUTURE” so probably its another message the he is telling us this is his future. To stick through the elite & prophesize and initiate the brand-new World Order. Alot of human being say that can’t be part of this cult since he was born and also lives in Canada. However that isn’t true. Look in ~ Justin Bieber. Born and also raised in Canada and moved to the U.S.A and became a United says Citizen. All the proof adds up. I have additionally attached a picture which reflects someone who cases it also. V the symbol of Jay’s music team Mob Money squad or mob Money for short.

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Maybe the is all just a public stunt and also he go not have actually ties come this cult. You tell me? but it still doesn’t make up for the mass amounts of web traffic he suddenly got from his music.

After Jay Z and a huge following the A-list celebrities made their announcement around being co-owners of the brand-new music streaming communication Tidal, many people began to speculate on the involvement of the Illuminati — something Madonna considers the “highest the compliments.”

The 56-year-old songstress first took to Instagram come respond to an adverse feedback about Tidal, writing: “Tidal is not about consumption and greed! Its around protecting one art-form the is lover to all of us MUSIC!” and also in a follow-up short article added, “Everything will certainly be described in time! have Faith! and also remember nothing is for for free! This is a global LAW. Somewhere-Somehow-Someone needs to pay. Over there is always an exchange. #truth. #tidal.”

The messages were received by a slew that Illuminati commentary, to which Madonna responded, “If you describe Tidal as Illuminati, you space paying us the highest possible of compliments. Together I’ve stated before it is another name for ‘The Enlightened Ones’ a team of scientists, philosophers and artists that emerged after the dark ages. They changed and shame the world for the better!”