Jimmy Fallon"s recurring Tonight display skit "Ew!" very first won our hearts as soon as Michjonathanlewisforcongress.com Obama offered us this moment:

...So us were excited to see the very first lady of pop music, aka Taylor Swift, end up being the latest celebrity to take on the challenge of playing a nerdy middle schooler. Last night, the singer transformed into Natalie Benson, a 13-year-old v an allergy problem and a vaguely random appreciation for Sean Connery:

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It"s around as silly together this skit commonly is, though the writers regulated to slip in a quite clever "We are Never ever Getting back Together" referral that we probably should have actually seen coming. And also Taylor (ahem, sorry, Natalie) even manages to throw a jab at a specific other starlet, speak "My mother hasn"t let me clock television because Miley Cyrus toured." (In situation we need a reminder of how wholesome Taylor Swift is.) (Zing!)

Plus, watching otherwise perfectly polished celebrities sporting the disastrous outfits of our tweendom—and braces? never ever gets old.

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