Who says weddings have to be expensive? Kendra Wilkinson‘s dad, Eric, said “I do” come his fiancee, Amy, in one ultra-low-key ceremony throughout a parking many tailgating party with friends and also family. And while there wasn’t a most fuss, there to be a the majority of love. 

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In this exclusive clip from the Oct. 30 episode of Kendra ~ above Top — which attributes Eric and also Amy’s unconventional nuptials — Wilkinson walks she dad down the blue carpeted “aisle” come a flower-adorned trellis, where a football jersey-wearing officiant awaits the groom, who shows his mountain Diego Chargers proud in a blue T-shirt. 


Kendra Wilkinson at her dad’s tailgating parking many wedding.

“You’ve all been invite to be a component of a celebration the is the culmination of love between two people,” the officiant begins as Amy, in a white lace dress, greets she husband-to-be.

“It’s a celebration of two lives committed to come to be one,” that continues. “And as numerous of you know, there are plenty of mornings, plenty of days, countless weeks, whereby you have to remember, ‘I cursed to love this person."”


Kendra Wilkinson at her dad’s tailgating parking many wedding

The native seem to strike a chord v Wilkinson, who fights back tears as she listens alongside other casually dressed guest sipping on can be ~ of beer. She husband, NFL pro Hank Baskett, looks similarly deep in thought.


Kendra Wilkinson at her dad’s tailgating parking lot of wedding

“As i’m standing right here listening to my dad and Amy exchange their vows, that making me kinda, like, think about mine and Hank’s wedding,” the previous Playboy model and also mom of 2 reveals in a confessional after the event. “It’s providing me memories.” 

No doubt those memories are bittersweet now. In recent months, the couple — who married in 2009 — have been ~ above shaky ground. Unresolved concerns still linger from Baskett’s 2014 cheating scandal, and new issues popped up once Wilkinson was photographed kissing another man. On last week’s Kendra on peak episode, she admitted she worried it was “the end” for them. 


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