Protecting the Environment

Climate change is a severe threat to the future of our planet. My father was on the forefront of environmentalism and ran for Eastchester Town Supervisor in 1965 with the slogan, “Keep Eastchester Green.” Now a father myself, I too am deeply concerned about the state of the world our children will inherit. We need practical measures to protect the earth and reduce climate change now.

This means:

  • Strengthening the Environmental Protection Agency. Without environmental regulations, we are powerless to stop corporations from poisoning Americans through pollution, exploiting communal resources, and devastating valuable wildlife. The Trump Administration is trying to tear down the EPA, which will only accelerate the rate of the Earth’s destruction.
  • Increasing Access to Mass Transit. Not only does improved public transportation reduce pollution from cars, but it also nourishes local economies. People who do not own cars will be able to access better jobs and shop at more local businesses.
  • Investing in clean, renewable energy. For too long, we have relied on finite fossil fuels. We are surrounded by natural sources of energy we should be harnessing instead, such as solar and wind energy. Implementing new technologies will create jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil.
  • Building complete streets. Streets should be safe and convenient for anyone who uses them, no matter how they choose to travel. A “complete street” entails sidewalks and bike paths in addition to roads.
  • Developing sustainable agriculture practices. Instead of giving subsidies to large, industrial farms who plant crops that strip the land of its natural nutrients, we should encourage sustainable, organic methods of farming. Incentives should go to farmers who do not use pesticides, who plant diverse crops, and who manage water efficiently.

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