Emily Ann obtained her enlarge sister’s wedding veil, and clutched a handkerchief from she nana. The wedding party was consisted of of her sister and the couple’s ideal friends. “When we were picking our wedding party, us knew we want the people who have been through whatever with us and also will continue to be there because that us v thick and thin,” said Emily Ann.

Emily Ann walked under the aisle to a track she co-wrote

The pair walked under the aisle come “Infinity” a song Emily Ann co-wrote through songwriter Stephanie Chapman.“The song is really about my connection with Chris and how forever simply didn’t seem choose a long sufficient time come love him,” described Emily Ann, who freshly released her new single “Change my Tune.” “I asked our string quartet to discover it and it turned the end absolutely perfect.”The couple then exchanged rings, v Emily Ann going through a vintage format while Chris determined a wooden wedding band through a guitar string inlay.“He loved the wood, due to the fact that he builds furniture and also he said the etc string reminds that of me,” claimed Emily Ann.

The couple’s an initial dance

Come agree time, Emily Ann changed into a dress from BHLDN Weddings and also designed through By Watters together with shoes from Bella Belle Shoes, heels which included notes from her bridesmaids ~ above the bottoms.The couple danced their an initial dance to “Take the World” by Johnnyswim.“We drove the end to the lake one night and also sat in truck listening to so many love song alternatives for our an initial dance and also this one touched our hearts from the beginning,” claimed Emily Ann. “We gained out that the truck and also practiced our dance in the headlights. The a minute we will never forget.”

The COVID-19 pandemic make wedding planning much more complicated

“We determined two weeks prior to to get married outside, which was never the original plan, however we knew it would certainly be the ideal decision because that everyone’s safety,” said Emily Ann.“There were additionally many guidelines set in ar by our venue we had to abide by, but we’re therefore thankful to the team in ~ Marblegate and every single merchant we functioned with because that helping us with the planning…and sometimes re-planning process.”“A item of advice we’re taking right into our marital relationship with united state is to constantly talk points out,” Emily said. “We’ve both learned in every other relationship in our lives how important honesty and communication is. We understand it is even more important to always be ~ above the same page to make a marriage work.”For more photos check out human being magazine

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