Why does Death use the word cruelly?Which of the adhering to best summarizes God’s admonition?In context, the excerpt says that __________.In conmessage, the excerpt depicts heaven and also hell as __________.In conmessage, the excerpt depicts the human being in which Everymale stays as __________.The finish of a Greek play is dubbed Exodos.Oedipus Rex distinguishes itself from the typical timeless plot by indicating what can happen to those that disobey, mock, or disbelieve the gods.Richard Caxton published Everyman in English in the at an early stage 1600’s.Everyman says in the play Everyman: “ O gracious God, in the high seat celestial, / Have mercy on me in this most need; / Shall I have no agency from this vale terrestrial / Of mine acquaintance that method to me lead?”In this excerpt, Everymale pleads to God to permit assist from ________.All actors in Greek drama were male.“Quem Quoeritis” is the only extant Medieval English morality play.Greek theatre developed the drop-curtain device.English drama began as an assist to church liturgy.In Greek theater, actors dressed behind a circular curtain.Oedipus declares that he is no murderer.Antigone and Ismene are Oedipus’ daughter and also son, respectively.Aeschylus was a student of Sophocles.According to the “Three Unities,” action was limited to one major activity with few or no subplots.Both guys and womales offered in the Greek chorus.Miracle plays used range in topic issue and plot.Oedipus Rex begins after a pester has started.The physician (teacher) in Everymale states that _____ will certainly forsake you.Desdemona is as dishoswarm as Iback.Everyguy claims in the play Everyman: “Alas, shall I have no longer respite? / I may say Death giveth no warning: / To think on thee, it maketh my heart sick, / For all unall set is my book of reckoning.” The major case of this excerpt is thatChoose the incorrect statement.The Greeks were a war-choose culture and also enjoyed seeing bloodburned on the phase.“Quem Quoeritis” is the second oldest extant liturgical drama from England also. Morality plays connected the gap in between Middle ages drama and _____.Due to the fact that so much of the Greek population desired to enjoy the benefits of royalty, tbelow were often on-stage conflicts between actors playing commoners and also monarchs.The chorus in Greek drama constantly stays on phase.The prologue of Oedipus Rex does notIn Everyguy, that does not speak?Oedipus speaks of _____ as seer and also student of mysteries.According to Plato, a Greek doubter, a tragic hero have to loss from high to low estate.According to Fellowship in Everyman, what is duty?The beggar in “Quem Quoeritis” pleads that he be had in Christ’s resurrection. A “tragic flaw” always results in a complete loss.In the play Oedipus the Chorus say: “Alas the seed of guys./…/ That breathe on void and are void / And exist and execute not exist?” In conmessage, what perform lines 2-3 — “That breathe on void and are void / And exist and also perform not exist?”—mean?The name of the blind seer in Oedipus is Kreon.Aeschylus and Sophocles provided the annual March festival that Pisistratus instituted in 534 B.C. to initiate many type of contributions to the development of drama.Greek choral odes are the precursors of Shakespearean soliloquies.Jokasta in Oedipus Rex thinks at one point that her babyMiracle plays became obsolete greatly from the re-appearance of Romale models of drama.Everyman’s design template is that life is transitory.“Hamartia” is a criminal act committed in ignorance of some product fact or even for the sake of higher excellent.Aristotle, the Greek critic, shelp that a tragic hero might either be a nobleguy or a widespread man.Old Greek drama was not original, because the playwideal took his plots/story from the familiar myths of the gods.Aristotle, the Greek doubter, shelp that a tragic hero have to be a noblemale.Elizabethan drama held to the single day theory of Classical drama.Denouement is the increasing action.