Ensuring an Excellent Education for Every Child

We owe it to our students and to the future of our country to fully fund schools, support teachers and principals, and compel innovation. I served on the Scarsdale Board of Education, monitoring some of the best funded schools, and mentor high school students from Yonkers, which contains some of the most underfunded schools in our district. This is fundamentally unjust. A more equal society begins with a commitment to giving children across socio-economic districts equal access to an excellent education.

Here’s my plan for ensuring every child has equal access to quality education:

  • Early Education. The education children receive in the earliest years of their lives sets the foundation for their future success. Without this, low-income children are automatically disadvantaged before even starting Kindergarten and easily fall behind their peers. Every child deserves access to affordable early learning initiatives.
  • Create Centers for Innovation. I have a plan to fund centers at local community colleges that will provide professional development and curriculum redesign services to local school districts surrounding them. This will help ensure all school districts have access to the resources that make a great education possible.
  • Double Title I & II funding. I will fight for reform of our broken Title I funding formula and ensure funds go to the places that need them most. Doubling Title II funding gives our teachers – the heart and soul of our system – the autonomy and growth opportunities needed to best educate our future generation.
  • Ensure universal access to the arts, recess and extracurricular activities. These activities round out the school experience and are sometimes the motivation that gets students into the school building. They are not optional.
  • Use technology effectively in every classroom. Technology is integrated into everything we do already, so why not classrooms? Investments in technology need to be about training and bandwidth, with an emphasis on the child first, technology second.
  • Make college for all a reality. Everyone who is college ready should be able to go to college for free if their family cannot afford it. Free does not mean debilitating loans or debt. Free means the Federal government will pay for it. We need to invest in our future and the US Department of Education must take the lead in solving the education and student debt crises in America.

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