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Dragon age Inquisition guide and also walkthrough component 1: The Wrath that Heaven

Head come the Rift with Cassandra

Once control has to be handed over to you, you’ll be asked just how you’re feeling, therefore respond accordingly, climate follow the path, go with the door at the end and carry on until you trigger a cutscene. You’ll it is in thrown into battle shortly afterwards, so aid Cassandra in kicking some arse and also choose your dialogue option as soon as you’re done.

Proceed under the path and also grab the helmet from adjacent the the dead soldier, before carrying straight on and dropping down to the left. You’ll it is in ambushed by a pair of Lesser Shades, so do light occupational of them, then make a quick detour to the left to choose up a do Elfroot and also loot. Twin back and follow the route for an additional encounter with a Lesser Shade, then do your way left, up the hill, and take care of the Wraith up here. Head back down and also to the far end for an Elfroot and loot.

Carry on under the path, acquisition out a pair more Wraiths and also a Lesser Shade along the way, climate head right for one more enemy encounter and also carry on come the far end to pick up one Elfroot. Carry out a 180 and also pop up the stairway to your right, climate left at the optimal for one more enemy encounter and also cutscene.

Get come the front Camp

Hop end the problem ahead that you and follow the path until friend happen across 2 Wraiths, a higher Shade and also a Lesser Shade. It would be advisable for you to focus your energy on the Lesser shade while Cassandra take away on the better Shade. Her ranged comrades can start whittling down the HP the the Wraiths until you’ve finished off the Lesser Shade and also lend them a hand. When they’re down, all of you should assist Cassandra through the higher Shade and also rejoice upon its demise.

Before going up the stairs to the ideal of the nearby house, sweep the area because that Elfroot, then plop down onto the frozen river and also make your way over come the left to discover loot. Monitor the route until you with the campsite at the finish where you’ll discover a couple of Shades. Grab the iron and accessory from end the close to the fire then dual back to the stairs through the house.

Pop up the stairs, deal with the Shades and Wraiths at the top, climate head up the hill and also stick come the route to encounter some much more enemies. ~ you’ve faced them, close the rift by interacting with it.

Talk come Leliana

Head v the gate ahead and stop in ~ the supply cache to height up her potions. Come the ideal of the bridge is a chest containing loot. Go in the direction of the center of the bridge to create a cutscene with dialogue options. You deserve to choose in between 2 routes and also if you want to nab loot and save the soldiers, opt because that the hill path option. If girlfriend prefer, you can charge v the soldiers, however both alternatives are covered below.

Reach the holy place through the mountain path

Scoot increase the ladders the lie ahead, head left in ~ the top and also into the mountain. Deal with the Shades, popular music up the procedures ahead and also around the edge to the right. There’s a chest and also loot in the an initial room top top the right. In the foggy open up area, investigate the best side for more loot in the corners, the nip up the measures on the left and take the end the Wraiths and the the shade up here.

Grab the prey from end on the left, pop up the procedures to the right, managing a few more adversaries along the way, and then seal the rift for an additional cutscene. Take it the loot native the floor, do your way down the path to the right and also down the ladders towards the waypoint to with the holy place entrance.

Charge forward to the holy place with the soldiers

Follow the path, head up the steps and at the height of the first staircase, popular music over to the right to uncover a chest. Carry on up the next staircase and fight turn off the opponents up here, then close the rift by interacting with it. If friend faff around before doing so, Terrors will come through the rift and also you’ll have actually to address them, so relocate quickly. After ~ the cutscene, take the loot native the floor.

Enter the Temple

Go v the opened in prior of you. Choose up a second lot of booty on the way. Go under the stairs and around the edge for an additional cutscene.

Find a course to the rift

Make your method to the right and also continue along the path, about the corner, and down the steps. Drop down by the rift to create a cutscene.

Pride Demon boss Battle

HP: 13, 821PerceptiveImmune: Physical, Paralysed, Asleep, FrozenResistant: Electricity

At the start of the battle, the pride Demon’s health bar will certainly be grey, indicating that it can’t be damaged. This will happen at intervals throughout the fight, and when that does, interact with the rift to shock the demon, allowing you to damage it again. The Demon has actually a lightning attack that will certainly shoot out directly ahead the it, so don’t take it up a position in front of it. Your prerogative is to have your key character interact with the rift throughout this battle. Overlook the adds when they appear but if they start interfering with your character who is end at the rift, take it them out.

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