For thirty days, Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s as component of one investigation right into the results of fast food ~ above American health. The result documentary earned the an Academy award nomination and broke box-office documents worldwide.

But there’s more to the story, and also in Don’t Eat This Book, Spurlock examines whatever from school lunch programs and the marketing of rapid food come the decline of physics education. He looks in ~ why quick food is for this reason tasty, cheap, and ultimately seductive—and interviews specialists from surgeons general and also kids to marketing gurus and lawmakers, who share your research and opinions on what we deserve to do to counter a health crisis of supersized proportions. Don’t eat this groundbreaking, hilarious book—but if you care about your country’s health, your children’s, and your own, you far better read it.

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Morgan Spurlock is a writer, director, and producer, and also in 2004 he was awarded the finest Director prize at the Sundance film Festival.

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Editorial Reviews

Breezy, humorous.” —The new York Times “Fact-packed and also funny.” —Publishers Weekly

“Spurlock increases on <Super size Me’s> harrowing themes that American obesity and offers causes and also cures, all while remaining—get this—entertaining. Choose a funnier Michael Moore.” —Maxim

“A sobering look in ~ the country’s obesity crisis.” —People (Great Reads)

“Just analysis this book will give the average reader indigestion…a shocking indictment the the rapid food industry.” —Tucson Citizen

“He has a story come tell, and also it’s scary enough to save you the end of the drive-through line.” —Charleston Post and Courier

“Alternately hilarious and discouraging…provides more details about the health influence of the nation’s negative eating choices.” —Toledo Blade

“Detailed and nuanced…very amusing.” —Maclean’s

“With a combination of wit, sarcasm, anger, and also hard-hitting research, Spurlock suggests that teams such together the American medical Association and the U.S. Room of farming have to be corrupted by this firm interests.” —St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Spurlock in his trademark take-no-prisoners style and also with a humor that saves him from sound pious or self-satisfied. A an effective work the reporting and punditry.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)