The Rafeiro carry out Alentejo is a big mastiff dog native Portugal. These canines are excellent watchdogs fan to your vigilant and protective nature. Likewise, castle are well-known for being great herder. The special coat the this breed comes in black, grey, and fawn colors. Few of these pups can likewise have white patches on the coat.

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The Raggle is the an outcome of a cross between Beagles and purebred Rat Terriers. This tiny but energetic designer dog is no recommended for first-time owners due to the fact that it can be daunting to train. Likewise, they need a most exercise and also are not an ideal for inactive families. Raggles come in black, white, cream, and also lemon colored coats.



The roman Rottweiler is a re-creation the the original mastiff-like Rottweiler that roamed the Alps. These pups were primarily occurred for herding and also guarding cattle. However, this breed likewise has its history in wars where it dealt with alongside Romans. The contemporary Roman Rottweiler is a calm and athletic dog the can become a good family member if beforehand socializing is ensured.


This dog each other was created by cross the Doberman Pinscher v a Rottweiler. These huge and an effective canines require a identified and strong owner to take care of them. Although lock are an extremely affectionate and also loyal, it can be a tiny hard come train them. Therefore, Rottermans space NOT recommended because that novice owners.


Rottweilers are among the most dutiful dog breeds out there. They have actually incredible strength and can present a the majority of aggression. One abused, untrained, and also unsocialized Rottweiler will certainly be a threat to anything it approaches. Top top the other hand, a well-bred and trained Rottweiler is a calm, courageous, and loyal dog.


Rottles, likewise known together Rottiepoos, is a crossbreed in between Rottweilers and also Poodles. This designer dog breed deserve to be both miniature and also standard in size. Although they room guard dogs by nature, these pups have the right to make lovable family members companions. Rottles have the right to have black, grey, white, brown, blue, cream, red and pied colored coats.

Rough Collie

Rough Collies were originally provided as herding dogs in Scotland. They are recognized for their intelligence and ease the training. These pooches space very committed to your family and are particularly famous because that loving children. This breed has a gorgeous multi-colored coat that is a mix the black, white, brown, and also tan.

Russian Spaniel

These small and stocky spaniels were originally bred in Russia, a century ago. This breed is a pistol dog through a tenderness attitude. Russian Spaniels are terrific hunters once it come to little game, such together birds and also rabbits. They have the right to have white and also black, white, red and white, and also brown-colored coats.


This designer each other was arisen by crossing the American Rat Terrier through the Papillon. Rat-a-Paps space intelligent dogs and also have a look at keen intuition in the direction of their owner’s mood. Normally, they can have white, black, red, brown, or fawn-colored coats.

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Russkiy Toy

The Russkiy Toy is a little and lively dog each other with long legs and also lean muscles. This toy breed dates earlier to the Russian aristocracy and also has a bigger than life personality. Russkiy Toy can lay down in your lap every day or dash about the residence chasing anything and everything. There is no in-between!

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