From our “Ask a Question,” Mailbag: “My dad died, and my uncle is the executor. The Will states that we all gain equal shares, yet he is providing all my dad’s city hall to my brother. Does the Executor the a Will have the final Say?”


Probate Lawyer, Peter Klenk

Does the Executor of a Will have actually the final Say?

When a human being dies, there is a process to make certain the assets pass to the exactly people. This process is called Probate. In many states, the human who oversees this procedure is dubbed the Executor.

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In your case, since your father has actually died, her uncle, as Executor, now has the duty to secure her father’s assets. Further, he has the fiduciary duty to divide and also distribute the assets together the will directs.

Often the will is specific. For example, “I offer all my jewel to mine daughter, Jane.” In this example, the Executor must offer all the jewel to Jane. If over there is an additional sister, she it s okay none the the jewelry unless Jane wishes to share. The Executor has no government to give Jewelry to the 2nd daughter, no matter exactly how unfair it might seem.

What If the will certainly is no Specific?

In almost every Will, part assets room not particularly identified. Over there is not enough room in a will for whatever you own. Further, if you ever sold or bought an additional item, friend would have to update your Will. Therefore, nearly every will certainly divides some or every the assets into shares. The beneficiaries acquire an equal share, but how the legacy are divided is left come the Executor.

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For example, “I leaving all mine assets to mine two kids in equal shares.” The Executor then need to divide the heritage equally. This could be separating every item into equal shares, which can be done easily with share or cash. Yet there is no need for the shares to be “identical” only of same value. So once it comes to dividing increase assets choose jewelry, the Executor needs to use some typical sense. Often, the Executor allows the heirs kind out the share themselves. But, if the heirs cannot agree, the Executor measures in.

What if girlfriend Disagree through the Executor?

If the Executor divides legacy in a way that you disagree with, you have options. In your case, the Executor desires to give your father’s city hall to her brother and, perhaps, an same amount of cash to you. When this satisfies the require for same value, the watches room specific, i can identify items the may have actually emotional value for you. 

The Executor has broad power to division the assets, yet he isn’t the final word. If the Executor will certainly not hear to her concerns, you have actually the option of having one of our Estate legal action Attorneys carry the matter to a judge. The judge determines if the Executor is reasonable. In this case, the Executor would certainly be hard-pressed to convince the judge the your father’s watches can not be divided up so that you have the right to at least have some storage of your father.

For an ext information, monitor this connect to my article around the Probate Process. 

Does the Executor the a Will have the last Say?

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