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What provides Doan Different? far better Selection: our dealerships have actually hundreds of brand-new and used because that you to pick from. Mobile test Drives: We"ll lug the car to friend you can test drive on your very own time. Totally free Shuttle Service: let us understand where you should go and also we"ll gain you there. Award Winning business Department: manufacturing facility trained & certified techs that care. No charge Carfinder Service: If friend don"t check out what you want we"ll discover it for you. Active Community Commitment: We"ve generously sponsored countless local youth and also community events since our start in 1982.

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They say one thing however deliver an additional - bad vehicles. Too many of short article purchase repairs needed just save yourself the aggravation persons - plus nasty customer business to boot upon follow-up.

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Customer organization 1.0 Buying process 1.0 top quality of repair 1.0 overall facilities — in its entirety experience 1.0
good people to work-related with. Had actually a an excellent experience. Answered questions right to the point. They obtained me right into my new vehicle within a pair days

Customer organization 5.0 Buying procedure 5.0 top quality of repair — as whole facilities — overall experience 5.0
A relative purchased a auto which has had nothing however problems because the main after purchasing. Has actually been back several times. Refunded the his expanded warranty as soon as the transmission blew out. Every various other week the examine engine light comes on. When places display you who they space in their service and quality think them. Conserve your money and time!

Customer organization 1.0 Buying process — top quality of repair — overall facilities — all at once experience 1.0

We regret the your relative has actually experienced worries with your used auto purchase. Without a certain name, the is difficult to recognize what has been excellent (in addition to refunding the cost of the expanded warranty) to assist him for the inconvenience. While we cannot always predict what may happen with any details vehicle, us proudly stand behind them and also work v our customers to ensure their satisfaction. For extr assistance, please have actually him contact us in ~ 585-352-1010.

Ron was able to make the process of buying a vehicle super basic for me. The went over and beyond to make sure I got every little thing I was searching for in a vehicle. Overall, I was able to look in ~ the car, purchase and pick up the auto within the 24 hours. It was a simple and enjoyable process. I would recommend anyone to go here. I have the right to assure that you will certainly leave satisfied. Thanks again!

Customer business 5.0 Buying process — quality of repair — overall facilities — as whole experience 5.0

We're happy to read about your super easy buying experience with Ron in ~ Doan Pre-Auction Outlet. Thank you for sharing this feedback v us. Have actually a an excellent New Year!

Ron was awesome ! He acquired me right into a beautiful Jeep and also helped me the entire method ! He to be nice and gave good advice! anyone who needs a used auto or a brand-new vehicle come here and ask for Ron ! thank you so lot Ron !!!

Customer service 5.0 Buying process — quality of repair — all at once facilities — as whole experience 5.0

Congratulations on the brand-new Jeep, Ashley! thank you for choosing Doan Pre-Auction Outlet and for letting united state know about your good experience with Ron. Reap the Summer!

went to go look in ~ my dream car and I obtained it and also I am an extremely happy through it it's every little thing I have ever wanted

Customer service 5.0 Buying process — quality of repair — as whole facilities — in its entirety experience 5.0

Congrats top top the Camaro, Paul! say thanks to you for picking Doan Pre Auction Outlet. We evaluate your recommendation.

Price wasn't what us talked about prior. Had actually to work that out. The day i was to pick it up, that wouldn't pass inspection, that's after i was told the vehicles are gone with at the shop prior to they get on your parking lot.

Customer business 2.0 Buying process 2.0 high quality of fix 2.0 overall facilities 2.0 all at once experience 2.0

We regret that you were left with that impression. The purchase price is agreed to before documents are signed. As far as the inspection, we had installed a brand-new battery i beg your pardon reset the onboard computer system and the car needed come be moved for a period of time till it was reset and able to happen inspection. The was absolutely not intentional and we regret the inconvenience our error caused.

ns will never ever go vehicle shopping almost everywhere else! Derek helped me acquire into mine dream auto at the monthly payment ns wanted. It was the most stress totally free process anyone can ask for! ns really felt prefer I to be listened to and taken care of. I still can?t think how easy Derek made this acquisition for me! I definitely recommend him and also Doan to anyone that is searching for a seamless and also enjoyable car buying experience. Ns love reflecting off my brand-new Renegade to all my friends and family!!

Customer organization 5.0 Buying process 5.0 high quality of repair 5.0 as whole facilities 5.0 all at once experience 5.0
go in to look at an additional vehicle and found my "dream car" i m sorry had everything I wanted and more. Within hrs Derek had the ability to make it happen for me and the following day I had the ability to pick that up. Had actually a slight concern with the power steering and they easily fixed the problem and also even offer me a rental every at no price to me. This is my third purchase indigenous doan!

Customer company 5.0 Buying process 5.0 quality of fix 5.0 all at once facilities 5.0 all at once experience 5.0

Third time's a charm! thanks for letting us know around your purchase from Doan Pre Auction Outlet. We evaluate your continued business and recommendation. Many thanks again.

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ns inquired about a vehicle noted for revenue at your dealership. Left email attend to and call number. Never ever received a response. A week later on I see the vehicle is gone.

Customer company — Buying process — quality of repair — all at once facilities — in its entirety experience 2.0

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Certified room manufacturer warrantied and also typically go through a rigorous multi-point inspection.