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Fuck civilization Who Don"t choose Milk refers to a series of post-ironic memes in which a human aggressively expresses your contempt for those who don"t re-publishing their interest in a particular something. Produced in early on 2019 as picture macro around milk, the meme style gained popular in July 2021 and also was offered as a phrasal design template for added memes replacing the word "milk."


The exact origin that the original image macro is at this time unconfirmed. Top top February 22nd, 2019, iFunny<1> user Luck made the earliest uncovered repost of the picture with their short article gaining 17 smiles in two years (shown below). On march 4th, 2019, Instagram<2> meme page cumward reposted the meme, with the image macro going viral v multiple reposts on social media in the following weeks. Because that example, on might 13th, 2019, Facebook<3> web page We love plastic reposted the macro with the write-up gaining end 5,000 reactions and also 36,000 share in 2 years.



In 2019 and 2020, the photo was actively circulated online through reposts top top all significant social media platforms. For example, top top December 2nd, 2019, Redditor<4> varglovespenutbutter reposted the image, with the write-up gaining over 6,400 upvotes in six months. In February 2020, iFunny<5> user Szlachta reposted the meme, with the write-up garnering over 4,700 smiles in one year.

The image did no see use as a meme template until June 2021. ~ above June 23rd, 2021, DeviantArt<6> user Fantheman-Rebooted reposted the earliest discovered edit the the original image, a Luigi picture (shown below, original writer unknown).


On June 25th, 2021, Twitter<7> user
ChusoMMontero reposted the image, through the short article gaining over 900 retweets and also 3,800 likes in two months.

One month later, ~ above July 25th, Facebook<8> user Chaestagram posted a K-pop image that received over 1,000 reactions and 110 share in one month (shown below, left). Top top July 27th, Twitter<9> user
fluffysmolcloud posted a version of the meme about the color pink. The write-up received end 23,300 retweets and also 62,900 likes in one month (shown below, center).

passionpeachy posted a version of the meme around the shade green that obtained over 52,400 retweets and 193,000 likes in three weeks (shown below, right).


In respectable 2021, an ext viral examples of the meme were posted on society media.




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fuck people who don't likefuck yourself if you don't loveshare this post if girlfriend lovemilkrepost this ifexploitableimage macrosnowclonephrasal template
Steve native Blues ideas left on a bus because that college a lengthy time ago. Now he"s back, and also we"re all crying

Epic Gamer Grandma is a 75-year-old TikToker from the UK. She an initial gained a following ago in 2019 but an ext recently, she"s had duets of hair reach over 17 million views. She"s cute, wrinkly and a Minecraft legend!

The video was very first uploaded to TikTok previously this year and also quickly ended up being a famous hit ~ above the platform, motivating a Parappa the Rapper-themed edit and tons that lip dub skits.

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