The ide of cosmetics items and also appearances for video clip game characters is no a brand-new one, however wings in Diablo 3 hold a special place in mine heart. Some are creepy (looking at you, Diablo 2 anniversary wings), some are beautiful, and also some straddle both currently — sort of like, girlfriend know, the whole game. Want to come to be your an extremely own mr of the Wings? Then review on through our wings perform to do it happen. Fasten her seatbelts; it’s walking to it is in a bumpy flight*.

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*These wings space cosmetic, castle don’t make your D3 character fly. I’m sad too.

Special event wings

In celebration event of the D2 anniversary, Blizzard is gifting all D3 players a collection of Prime angry Wings. They’re pretty simple to achieve — log in in on her character and also voila! Wings. That said, lock are incredibly creepy, looking much more like wiggly tentacles on the character’s back instead of yes, really wings. Think comparable to the Anguish’s grasp wings in the snapshot below.

Blizzard’s summary is quite amusing, to boot:

Log in come Diablo III any type of time after June 29 to unlock your own tendinous Prime evil Wings and represent the tradition you forged on Arreat Summit. Baal—as we observed in the in Diablo II—did not have actually wings, but shot to imagine what castle would’ve looked prefer if that did, and if you could’ve fastened castle to your hero’s shoulders.


Seasonal journey wings

Wings native the D3 Season Journeys are probably the most acquainted to the large player base. After all, we view them popular music up perhaps once a year, right?

Four sets of wing exist in D3 as seasonal rewards. This are facility as, if you perform not yet have actually them, you space banking top top them comes up again in one more rotation of seasons. Because that example, Season 20’s Anguish’s Grasp set (modeled after ~ the Maiden that Anguish, Andariel) was at first rewarded in Season 8. At approximately four seasons a year, girlfriend will should wait another three years before they return.

The various other three pairs are estimated to return in future seasons. The Fiacla-Géar wings an initial appeared after completing chapter 4 in Season 12. The Wings that Lempo (styled after a monarch butterfly) arrived together the Season 16 reward because that completing thing 4. Last, and also most newly added, brave souls who finished the complete Season 17 Seasonal Journey got the Galactic Wings. These were additionally the first wings rewarded for completing a season’s journey.

While friend await the next chance to achieve one the the above, why not shot your hand in ~ the wings accessible year-round?


Wings indigenous purchases, time, or luck

There are ten sets of wings that you can attain at any time in D3. They loss into 3 categories: Achievements, Drops, and Purchase rewards.

Drops are, by far, the smallest group with only two options. The an initial pair, Cosmic Wings, are highly sought after ~ by collectors of cosmetic appearances. They space a drop from Princess Lillian, a low spawn-rate distinctive unicorn in Whimsydale (not to be puzzled with Whimsyshire). Also if she doesn’t spawn, you can look forward to slews of gems, death breaths, forgotten souls, and also a whole bunch of gold for your efforts.

The other pair, Falcon’s Wings, are simply as rare, but they perform not call for you come go hunting an elusive mob in an same elusive surprise level opened by one even an ext elusive type of goblin. These drop native a mysterious Chest discovered in action 4’s Gardens of hope Level 1. This chest likewise has a meager chance of appearing (less than 1%) and has several possible spawn points in the zone.

Completing in-game accomplishments is your next option to achieve three pairs of wings: Trag’Oul’s Wings, wings of Mastery, and Wings the the Dedicated. The Wings the the Dedicated and Wings the Mastery are a reward because that completing every 24 of the Reaper the Souls straightforward and grasp (respectively) collection Dungeon achievements. Similarly, Trag’Oul’s Wings came through the Necromancer pack; players earn them for completing all Necromancer class achievements. There’s tho a time investment for these three, but you’re not stuck relying on RNG to be on her side.

Finally, and also most simple of all, space the six sets the wings included as acquisition rewards. Because that example, the Wings the the Crypt Guardian come with the Necromancer personality pack. Purchasing Overwatch‘s beginnings Edition or Collectors version grants Mercy’s Gaze, a pair that mechanical and also blade-feathered wings because that those D3 players wishing come channel their inner Mercy. Similarly, the Starcraft 2: heart of the Storm Digital edition (and now SC2 deluxe bundle) granted the Blade Wings (also known as wings of the Swarm) because that those fans of the Queen of Blades.

The various other three have actually some specifics attached. The Echoes that the Mask wings space exclusive come the Nintendo Switch version of D3. Greater on the challenge scale to attain are the Crimson Angelic Wings, an additional platform-exclusive pair. However, these space exclusive come the initial PlayStation 3 release, and forum posts point to them only carrying right into the PS4 version via video game import. Finally, and also most difficult, are the Wings the Justice — obtained from the D3 Collector’s Edition. Not necessarily “retired,” but very expensive to get at this allude as you’re bank on finding a sealed version of the original box top top eBay.


Retired wings

Luckily, just a couple of wings autumn under this category, and they’re virtually universally because of timing. Football player were required to take part in specific events or purchased particular Blizzard games. The many recent instance of this is Lilith’s Embrace (based on the mother of Sanctuary), obtained by all BlizzCon 2019 digital Ticket holders. Others no much longer obtainable include:

Wings of the Betrayer — your an extremely own Illidan wing in D3, this came through the acquisition of the World the Warcraft: Legion luxurious or Collector’s Edition.Wings the Valor — gifted together pre-order bonus for any version of Reaper the Souls, earning this wings required the development license essential to be applied by the finish of in march in 2014.

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These unobtainable wings are proof the it helps to be on the sphere with Blizzard news. Save an eye on pre-order rewards for various titles. For example, I would love to watch something death-related added as a reward for pre-ordering Shadowlands. In the interim, you’ll discover me hunting rainbow goblins come get ago into Whimsydale. I’ve acquired a unicorn to kill.