In this overview I"m providing the optimal method to increase your power Level come 300, the maximum strength Level because that Destiny 2. This overview is an especially important for players come avoid obtaining stuck at strength Level 265, and also becoming the new "forever 265" society.Those that played the initial Destiny video game at launch will certainly remember the ache of being stuck at irradiate Level 29. Ago then, v the initial VoG raid being the only activity to give endgame gear, you to be left at the mercy the the weekly reset and also the RNG gods to progress further.With the relax of Destiny 2, players additionally have the very same telltale script to overcome. The is entirely feasible to obtain stuck at strength Level 265 without ever before hitting the top finish of that scale. If you want to participate properly in the Leviathan Raid then obtaining closer come level 300 is a pivotal challenge.In summary, this overview will talk about the factors for gaining stuck at power Level 265 and also offer services to with level 300 the right way...

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About character Level

265 is the brand-new forever 29 in Destiny 2. Consistent rewards that drop indigenous common activities such together Strikes, windy Events, Chests and any merchant purchases CANNOT push you beyond Level 265. Instead, rewards from these tasks will only offer sidegrades however will not aid to boost your level beyond 265.Unfortunately, if you have already completed the landmarks for the week and also are still in ~ Level 265 climate you should wait for the weekly update to earn Milestone equipment to press you past the 265 plateau. The only exemption to this is possible Exotic gear and purchases indigenous Xur.

Guide for reaching Level 300

I intend that most of you will certainly be keen to obtain to power Level 300 as early as feasible in Destiny 2, in the hope that you can enjoy the Raid in ~ the very same time as most other players. If you"re analysis this the first week that D2 launches then you have actually only two weeks to obtain this right!The most essential thing to think about in D2 is the high tier rewards come in limited quantities. Friend MUST because of this make the most of tasks that offer end-game gear:Weekly milestones with powerful Gear rewards or Exotic quests.Avoid completing any type of "Powerful Gear" milestones until friend reach power Level around 265. Due to the steady nature of rewards, you want your ideal drops come be at the highest level possible, and also since only turning points offer power Level 265-300 rewards then you need to save this up for the ideal moment.There is nothing wrong with completing component of a Milestone e.g. Crucible challenge or Public occasions in a Flashpoint series, but make certain you prevent completing the entire Milestone.It"s as basic as that - understanding where to play and also timing the right.Update: now that Destiny 2 is fine underway, there are now additional tasks that reward powerful Gear. These include the Leviathan Raid (PvE), Trials that the ripe (PvP) and also Clan rewards. Return both the Raid and also Trials might be past your with if you"re still close to the 265 mark, Clan"s are still a an excellent option.

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Simply joining a Clan permits you to collection a "free" Luminous Engram every week, so lengthy as the Clan completes high level activities, whether you room directly connected or not.