Fixing Our Broken Democracy: Integrity and Campaign Reform

Too many of our elected officials have forgotten who they serve. They are reelected cycle after cycle, hardly ever facing opposition. But good people have to run and incumbents have to be challenged for our democracy to work.Repairing this broken system is the first step towards renewing our Democracy.

Once in office, representatives take corporate money from defense contractors, big hospital chains and pharmaceutical companies, big banks, big cable and phone companies, then look the other way while prices rise and monopolies squeeze out competition. This does not serve the best interest of American citizens, and something must be done.

Here’s my plan to restore our confidence in government:

  • Get Corporate Money Out of Our Democracy. Corporate political action committees (PACs) have poisoned our government. I will not accept any money from special interests. Corporate money compromises the integrity of our elected officials and I will support legislation that bans it, including a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
  • Public Financing of Congressional Elections. I will also support legislation that provides Federal support for Congressional races, as well as limits to the amount that can be spent in any campaign.
  • Restore Confidence in Voting Systems. The Federal government must ensure that citizens can trust the systems and machines used at elections. This means strict technical standards for voter rolls and machines — including auditable paper trails.
  • Congressional Term Limits. Public service should not be a lifetime job. When George Washington voluntarily stepped down after two terms as President, he showed that no one was irreplaceable. Democracy only thrives with turnover.

Protect our democracy from overseas threats. We need tougher oversight of social media companies like Facebook so these private sector products cannot be weaponized against our democracy.