The new DDI-12 semi-auto shotgun is a distinct Shotgun packed v user friendly attributes . Comparable to the Russian Saiga Shotguns the DDI 12 is a dependable Semi auto through thebenefitof making use of Quick change magazines. This permits a much faster reload time aiding inCompetitionsporting , hunting or residence Defense purposes. The DDI 12 will occupational with many Saiga 12accessorieson the sector like prior Hand guards , Muzzle brakes and also magazines !! This gives the shooter a wide variety of include on Goodies to customize the DDI 12 come meetyour requirements .Also attributes AK layout pistol grip and also has a M4 stylebuffer tube the will enable you to add acollapsingstockif friend desire . The ambi AR-15 style safety selector and also left sidecharging take care of are yes, really what set this except the remainder of the pack. Chambered in 2 /4 & 3 inch shells with an flexible gas mechanism for fast field adjustment based upon the tons . The Chrome inside wall barrel has an excellent Fiber Optic sights for fast targetacquisition. Loosely based upon the Russian Saiga style with DDI"s own improvementsand features added that the sector was requesting. Consists of two 5rd manufacturing facility magazines andwill work with many aftermarket Saiga based mags, Aftermarket mags may require minor installation .

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The DDI12 is the next advancement in 12GA Semi-automatic Kalashnikov styled action shotguns.


Left side charging handleBolt lockIncludes pistol gripChrome-lined barrelChambered in 2-3/4" and 3"Inner tube and also buttstock have the right to be replaced with one AR collapsible buffer tube stock.Ambidextrous AR15 format safety selectors4-position gas regulatorWilliams layout front fiber optic vision (can be adjusted out for different heights and colors through off-the-shelf parts)Long sight airplane and locking dust coverReversible solitary point sling in between the stock and receiver; forward sling mountain under forearmIncludes (2) 5rd Saiga style magazinesOne Year Warranty native DDI

Listing is for shotgun only bigger capacity magazines and drums in photos not included

It is your duty to be acquainted with your present local total lawsBEFORE placing her order.

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