Dash Dolls continues tonight through an all new Sunday, October 11 season 1 episode 4, called “Momma Drama” and also we have actually your weekly recap below. ~ above tonight’s episode, Malika goes through a complicated breakup and also wonders why she so regularly finds herself in unhealthy relationships.

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For those of you that don’t know, Dash Dolls is about a reality collection centered top top the employee of the Hollywood boutique owned by the Kardashians.

On the last episode, Durrani and Lexi ‘s ongoing feud boiled end at work, forcing Khloé to step in and address the drama. Meanwhile, even though Taylor’s relationship with her boyfriend was ~ above the decline, she’s wake up to finish things for are afraid of hurting him. Did you watch the last episode? If girlfriend missed it, we have a full and also detailed recap right below for you.

On tonight’s episode per the E! synopsis “Malika goes with a challenging breakup and wonders why she so regularly finds herself in unhealthy relationships; and Caroline has actually some unresolved worries to occupational through through her severely conservative mother.”

Tonight is going to be an additional crazy illustration that friend won’t want to miss, therefore be certain to song in because that our live coverage the E!’s “Dash Dolls” this evening at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while friend wait because that our recap fight the comments and also let us know just how excited you are about this new show.


The Dolls are having a promotional occasion to launch your lookbook.

Malika has been dating a male for four months. She says in confessional they’ve to be friends for over a year, lock have great chemistry and she has gotten an extremely fond the him. She states the an ext they spend time together, the more powerful their feel get, however it’s daunting because she stays in LA, he lives in brand-new York, and even despite he is separated, the is still married.

At the event, that tells she he have the right to come back in 2 weeks.

Caroline Burt chats with Melody while functioning on her upcoming mini fashion collection.She bring up the reality that her mommy is coming to town. She states in confessional that her parents space both in politics, and she originates from a really conservative politics background. She claims though she may be effective with she career in LA, she and also her mommy are polar opposites.

She speak Melody that she was sent out to a wilderness routine for troubled children when she to be 15, and that these boots camps are unregulated.

She states in confessional the the suffer made she look in ~ the people in a very negative light.

Malika speak to Melody and also Khadijah about the guy she has been saying, who has canceled their plans at the critical minute.

Khadijah says in confessional that Malika has actually a sample of date unavailable men. She states she thinks this connection is walking to be harder than Malika expected.

Caroline’s friend, Ronnie native the shitty band Falling In Reverse, meets v her at her house. She speak him around her conservative mother’s impending visit. That asks her if she it s okay nervous as soon as her mom visits, and also she states yes.

Caroline says in confessional the she and also her mom were close, but when she to be a teenager, her mother saw a side of she she never ever saw before. She claims her mom thought due to the fact that she readjusted on the outside, something must have readjusted on the inside. She says she wants to patch things up for her mother, however her mother never apologized.

Caroline’s mom shows up at DASH unexpectedly.

Caroline states in confessional that if she knew her mommy was walk to display up, she would have actually worn much less eye makeup.

When she tells her mommy she make the efforts her ideal on her makeup, she states she didn’t shot hard enough.Caroline says in confessional the there is a many of growth that demands to walk on in between the 2 of them, but she doesn’t know if the will ever happen.

Melody invites Caroline’s mom to watch Caroline at she DJing gig.

Khadijah asks Malika about the male she has been seeing, and also she claims she wouldn’t know as she hasn’t talked to that in three days.

Khadijah tells she to pick up the phone and call him. When she does, that goes come voicemail and also his mailbox hasn’t been collection up yet.

Khadijah tells her she feeling sorry because that her since it’s yet one more guy who is a disappointment, yet she says she shouldn’t store torturing it s her if this man isn’t what she requirements in a relationship.

Caroline’s mom pertains to her event, yet walks out before her daughter has also started DJing, saying that her friend Ronnie “looks disgusting.”

Caroline claims in confessional the she doesn’t recognize why her mother can’t look past the exterior and into her world, speak it renders her sad and also mad.

Khadijah call Khloe, saying she acquired a blog post from Malika at 3 a.m. Khloe says she gets exactly how she feels how she does, since he is acting prefer a “butthead.” She claims that she heard the two of lock fighting, and also that Malika is hungover.

Khadijah goes right into Malika’s room and asks her if she is okay. Crying, Malika states she to be drinking last night and also got into an debate with him. She says she doesn’t think they must be dating, yet doesn’t want to shed her friendship with him. She tells Khadijah come let she sleep, yet Khadijah claims they have to work. Malika beginning crying harder, informing her to simply let her have actually her day and she will be fine.

Khadijah, it s okay up, speak she will certainly let she be through herself.

Kim tells Stephanie the Khloe says she has actually been act a good job, for this reason they would like to give her an ext responsibility. Currently she will be able to ring civilization up rather of just being the “clicker girl” (clicking a remote every time a customer comes in).

Malika receive a text blog post from her guy saying that knew she was going to blow up sooner or later and that he also has come mature, but there to be no reason to action the means she did. Malika tells her friends the he had an possibility to phone call her just how he felt come her face last night.

Khadijah tells her to find closure for her so she have the right to seal the deal and also be done through this.

Caroline’s mom is calling and also texting her, still trashing her girlfriend Ronnie because of his rocker appearance.

She phone call her, informing her the the illustration of a male who is tatted from head to toe is walking to define her. Caroline claims she has actually tattoos and looks a particular way, questioning her mom if she would tell who to stay away indigenous her. Her mother responds that there room plenty of people who know to remain away native her.

She go on to speak to her self-absorbed. She states she didn’t desire to send she out into the wilderness, however she wanted her to it is adapted to normal high school life. She tells her that she has actually lost her mind. Caroline starts to respond prior to her mom hangs up.

Caroline cries in confessional, saying the she and also her mommy were constantly close until she readjusted her look. She states she didn’t recognize why her mother turned into this mean person, and that she doesn’t think her mother wants her about as much as she used to.

Khloe asks Malika what is going on with her.

Malika states drinking made her honest around her partnership with the guy, speak she establish she wants to continue to be friends v him.

Khloe claims that when you begin to sleep with someone, you can be cordial afterward however they i will not ~ be her friend.

Khadijah speak Malika that she think she has actually a pattern of acquiring into the same instance over and also over again. She and Khloe suggest that Malika walk to a therapist.

Khloe says once she checked out couples counseling v Lamar, she how amazing couldn’t avoid talking.

Malika watch a therapist. She states that every single man she days is one of two people far, difficult to obtain to or halfway or totally in an additional romantic situation. She states that she doesn’t think anyone in she life stays, assuming anyone will eventually leave.

She claims she thinks that propensity came native the an initial person in her life that left her, her father. She says she doesn’t have actually a relationship with him, however her various other siblings do, due to the fact that she made a decision no to have him in his life since he’s pains her an ext than anyone ever before could however has never ever been responsible because that that.

She says in confessional the her father to be in and out of jail, and she and Khadijah would certainly wait in the home window for their father to come house every day, however he never would, and also that she thought that was normal until she discovered out that wasn’t.

Caroline meets v her mother, that criticizes her look. Caroline claims she wants to be associated in pop culture, and when her mother disapprovingly states she certainly does, she thanks her. She speak her mom she has actually held a many resentment towards her. She claims she knows she didn’t know whatever she went despite in the boot camp, consisting of being made to eat her own vomit, yet she has actually resentment since her mom never apologized the she was put through that.

Her mom responds by informing her “we room not going to deal with this.” She claims that what they have the right to do together is relocate forward. She speak Caroline she wants her to end up her education.

Caroline tells she she to know what she is doing, and also her mommy says she wishes she had taken a various path yet she accepts the one she has taken and also isn’t going come fight the anymore. She says she is so end fighting, and also that Caroline isn’t 15 anymore, this is the course she has actually chosen and she will certainly accept it. She suggests the 2 of them review To collection a Watchman together, like they did through To death a Mockingbird. Caroline agrees, and also the 2 of castle hug.

Nazy take away Stephanie the end for her very first driving lesson.

Khadijah asks Malika exactly how her therapy went and also if the is an suitable time to ask if she’s really done through this guy. Malika claims she has determined she requirements to leave the have not alone.

Caroline has collection up one art show for a wildlife nonprofit, which she mom has actually attended and her girlfriend Ronnie. Caroline states in confessional the she is nervous around introducing Ronnie to she mother due to the fact that she to be rude the last time. She brings him up to present them, and also her mom storms off yet again. Caroline complies with her, informing her she requirements to present her come someone. She and also Ronnie plead through her to talk to him as she pulls herself away again.

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Ronnie tells her that he understands she perspective and jokes the he gained all his tattoos for attention. He likewise tells her that he has never also hooked up through Caroline and also that she is a good person. Her mommy tells him that she appreciates that.