Though lock weren't combine up top top the truth show, space You the One? stars Curtis Hadzicki and Jenni Knapmiller found love anyway.

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Curtis Hadzicki and Jenni Knapmiller finally understand the answer come the question, "Are friend the one?" 

The fact stars, who showed up together ~ above season two of MTV's Are friend the One? in 2014, space officially engaged after five years the dating, the couple confirmed via society media ~ above Thursday, Oct. 8.

Curtis popped the question to Jenni at Cape Kiwanda beach on the Oregon coastline with a ring native Marrow fine by Jillian Sassone.

Jenni confirmed off she sparkler ~ above Instagram, writing in the caption, "I didn't understand I can smile this big." 

Curtis additionally took to society media to mark the occasion. 

I'll spend the rest of mine life trying to appropriately thank you for all the you do," he wrote on one Instagram pic of him kissing his now fiancée. "I love girlfriend forever."

Of course, the truth show got credit for pass the couple together. 

In the comment section, Jenni tagged the show's main account, writing, "I guess us owe you males a shout out for putting us in the same room!"

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While Are girlfriend the One? did introduce the newly involved pair, they never matched on the show. Basically, the MTV collection pairs world up based on a mystery matchmaking algorithm and also then it's approximately the contestants to find out who their "perfect match" is by beginning the "truth booth" come lock their relationship down.

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A write-up shared through curtis hadzicki (

Curtis' complement on the present was Shelby Yardley, while Jenni to be paired with john Moustis. However after the display was over, Jenni and Curtis started a real life relationship. 

While it might not have been exactly as castle expected, plainly the reality present got at the very least one match right!

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