The many advanced technology doesn’t replace a person voice on the other finish of the line. Check out the benefits of adding Contact One to your team.

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outstanding Customer business

Answer client questions, set appointments, and capture leads roughly the clock.

cost Effective options

24/7 customer solution without the financial and also managerial load of hiring staff.

extension of her In-House Team

Knowledgeable, helpful receptionists who are trained to recognize your business.

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Businesses huge and little use call One to administer around-the-clock support to your customers. Even if it is your sector requires on-demand appointment setting, for sure messaging equipment or classic call screening, we’ve seen and also done the all.

View market Solutions

CDA has actually been our client since 2007

CDA, client for over 13 year

Arizona Office that Tourism has actually been a customer since 2006

Arizona Office that Tourism, Arizona Office of tourism

“Contact One has been ours answering business for over 15 years. They constantly go over and beyond to make certain our patients room well taken care of after-hours.”

Greg Waters, Tucson Orthopedic Institute, client for end 15 years

“Friendly and Profession” Sherri through Ahmize practice Apparel. A customer of contact One due to the fact that 2005

Ahmize tradition Apparel,

“Contact One has available excellent customer company to our company. They run an efficient and affordable operation that guarantee we space able to sell rapid response services after ~ hours and on but on the weekend to the children and also families that we serve.”

jan Wallace, Casa De Los Ninos behavior Health Services, client of 2+ years

Taking calls because that the transportation Dept and Public job-related for over 3 years

City the Phoenix, City of Phoenix due to the fact that 2016

“We have vital patient phone call that space of the highest possible priority and need prompt and accurate attention. Call One is an extremely responsible, attentive and an excellent value in a competitive industry place. They have been may be to prosper with united state over the years together we have grown from four physicians to 150 medical providers.”

Dr. Robert Johnson, Tucson internal Medicine, client for over 20 years

“We started using contact One due to the fact that of the variety of calls we started to receive after business hours. We wanted to have actually a household life, yet we additionally wanted our customers to reach someone top top the phone who cares as lot as we do. What i’ve noticed the most around hiring contact One years earlier <…>

Silverado Plumbing,

“Right after us opened, that became evident that we required a convenient way for pet owners to gain ahold of us after hours. At the really least, it to be nice to have a real person take a message and also send it to the office staff once we opened up the following day. Call One is trusted <…>

Dr. James Nunn, Suffolk Hills pets Clinic,

“The company Genesis OB/GYN receive from contact One Answering service is just exceptional. When we have a question, that is answer quickly and thoroughly. Genesis OB/GYN would highly recommend Contact One answering Service.”