Closing the Digital Divide

Our democracy will only survive and flourish when our children have equal access to an excellent education, and equal access to the internet. Many families do not have access to the internet on a regular basis and this is creating a digital divide that is growing and increasing inequality in our society. Children who grow up in homes without the internet are at a serious disadvantage in their ability to learn, and to compete in school.

According to Pew Research, and a survey they conducted of educators, the digital divide severely impacts lower income students and their ability to learn. These students often face greater challenges using educational technology than their peers in school districts in higher income neighborhoods.

I believe the Federal government has an important role in closing the digital divide, and ensuring every child has access to the technology needed to succeed in the 21st Century and the internet access at home to be able to do their homework properly and to learn effectively. We must address these inequities now, otherwise our nation will become more divided, our democracy more fragile, and our children’s future more at risk. I will work for increased Federal funding through the Department of Education to address this important issue.